Ice boxes or coolers are like really cool mini fridges which keep food and beverages cool like an ordinary fridge. The major difference is that they are portable and they don't use electricity. A cooler can use ice cubes or ice packs. The ice packs maybe sealed with a gel that absorbs heat and keeps the items in the cooler box cold for longer than regular ice. The other advantage of using ice packs in cool boxes is that they keep the liquid inside them and don't fill up the cooler with water.

Modern ice boxes are made of plastic material and hard foam in-between the interior and exterior plastic shell. They are available in various sizes hence have varied storage space. There are small personal ice boxes for use by an individual. Large family coolers, some with wheels, are big enough to store food and drinks for a whole family. The choice of an ice box depends on the intended use.

Most coolers require ropes to support their hinges but others come with hinges that fully support the lid. The amount of time ice will last in an ice box is dependent on a number of factors like the ice used and ambient temperature. However there are some tips like adding salt to ice which will keep it longer. Most plastic cool boxes can also use dry ice.

There are modern ice boxes known as thermoelectric cool boxes that can be plugged in a cars cigarette lighter socket. They work by use of a fan and the thermoelectric effect to keep the contents cold. They achieve this by drawing the heat away. They operate on a 12 volt current and if reversed the ice boxes can even keep food hot. There are also disposable boxes available that are used once. The material they are made from is polystyrene foam.

Ice Boxes work best when full and they keep the food colder for longer if all the empty space is filled up with ice or ice packs. They can be used for road trips, camping, picnics or any outdoor activity where food and drinks need to be kept cold. A cooler can also be used to store perishable food and drinks if you're traveling somewhere that does not have a refrigerator. Ice boxes can be sued to keep groceries fresh and ice cream solid on a hot summer day especially if you will be driving for a long time.

The use of an ice cooler box is not limited to the outdoors; they can also be used in the home to keep things gotten out of the fridge cold. A cooler can be used to keep a bottle of wine at a chilled temperature to be consumed with a meal. They can be used to keep beer cold while relaxing in front of the television watching sporting matches. The vast range of uses of cool boxes makes them an essential item to own as they can be used in many situations. These boxes are a practical and cost-effective item to own and it is a worthwhile investment.

Source by Alan Rich