A leaf blower is a handy gardening tool that is used to move debris and leaves using propelled air. A blower can be backpack mounted or handheld depending on the model to efficiently complete necessary outdoor cleaning tasks. There are so many options in the market and you might need some understanding of the tool to make the right decision when buying for your use. It is a great tool to invest in and by making a few important considerations you will definitely have an easier time selecting the most suitable for your yard cleaning needs.

1. Power level

Important to remember when buying your leaf blower is that there are light duty, medium duty and heady duty blowers out there. Heavy duty machine might be bigger in size, but it will definitely do so much more than just clear your driveway off any debris. It however might turn to be noisier than the smaller light duty tools and cost you more gasoline to operate. Understand the power levels that are suitable for your intended usage of the tool when buying.

2. Power source

Leaf blowers can be electric or gas powered. If your cleaning tasks are light, then a cordless blower can be a good choice to clear your deck, patios and driveway. Electric blowers on the other hand need not be recharged when operating and they can clear a large yard at a go. Think about cord length and your power outlets when getting an electric blower for convenience. When you choose a gas powered blower, you will enjoy the benefit of portability and power saving. It might be noisier than an electric blower but it is a viable option nonetheless. Weigh all power source pros and cons and make the right choice in relation to your preferences and needs.

3. Design

The design of your leaf blower can determine how heavy it is as well as the ease of use and storage. Always settle for a design that is easy to use in all tasks and a machine you can carry around easily regardless of how long the cleaning task will take. Very heavy machines can tire you easily and it would be better if they are back mounted than handheld. For durability, consider going for a blower that has a strong body design.

4. Rules and regulations

The fact is that in some areas leaf blowers are banned. In others, there might be restrictions as to what time you can use the blower and the decibel levels that your blower must be within. Before buying your blower, ensure that you are aware of all the regulations in the area you wish to use it in so you do not end up getting a machine that you cannot use at all. Choose a unit that is legal to use in your area. It is also important to be courteous and thoughtful about your usage so you do not end up disturbing the entire neighborhood at odd hours.

Source by Jovia D'Souza