Building a shed in your backyard is a practical undertaking. Having a shed will give you a place to store things that normally would not be allowable in your home. This could be your snowmobile or motor cycle. It would be a great place to use your power tools when become involved in various construction projects. Having a shed in your backyard would be very useful especially if you don't have garage on your property. Depending on what you plan to use your backyard shed for will determine its design. Often the type of roof you use will use will determine the purpose of your shed.

There are a number of roof designs you can use, depending on your sheds purpose These include the pent, gambrel and clerestory style roofs. Some of these designs make the shed a great place for storage and others will give you a place to work with natural lighting.

If you are considering to use your shed primarily as a work place, consider the clerestory style roof. Although this is one of the more complicated roofs to build, its design incorporates a clerestory window. Because of its location the window will allow natural lighting to beam into your shed. The clerestory window is a row of windows built into the roof. This makes your shed a great place for a office. Because of the natural lighting you can also use the shed to store your potting plants.

The gambrel style roof is an excellent choice if the primary purpose of your shed is storage. This roof design is similar the one found on most barns. It consists of two sides. Each side has two slopes which are symmetrical. Because of the design, you will have more space for storage under the roof.

One of the simpler roof designs to construct is the pent roof. The pent roof consists of one sloping side. This roof design will make your shed a good place for storage and is not as complicated to build, such as a gambrel roof shed would be. The pent roof style shed can also be placed up against a large structure such as your home because of its rectangular design and its mono-pitched roof.

There are a number of other designs you can use for your shed. The roof design you use will depend on the structures purpose. Having proven shed plans will help you with the construction of your shed which will be based on the design of the roof. Having good plans will help you save time and more during the construction your shed.

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