Chinese Fan Palm, scientific name Livistona Chinensis, is available from South Japan to South Taiwan. The Chinese Fan Palm belongs to Arecacea/Palmae family of palms. These Chinese Fan Palm trees are used for landscaping in Florida and California.

The Chinese Fan Palm has broad leaves. This palm tree is an indoor plant. These plants grow good in the sunrooms and indoor swimming pools where the natural sunlight is bright. The stem of this plant is just like a hook. This palm plant when matures it get the wooden trunk but during its young age the stem is soft. The trunk of this tree can grow up to 18 inches in diameter and can gain the height from 15 to 25 feet. There are inflorescences which are hidden in the crown and they are sooner transformed in the fruit. The fruit of this tree is in oval and round shape. The fruit is edible and has bluish-green color.

If you place this palm plant in the sun light it will consume a lot of water. You need to give the plant a lot of water. You have to check for the basic requirement of water which is needed by palm plant. This plant can grow well in the normal temperature. But if the temperature goes up it can wreck the growth of this tree.

The propagation of Chinese Fan Palm is done through seeds. These palm plants can be grown well in containers. The containers are used for the growth of Chinese Fan Palm. They have the capacity to grow well indoors in the containers.

This palm grows well in the direct sunlight. But it is suggested to grow young plants in the shade. You must water the tree with enough water which can enhance its growth. This plant must be fertilized twice in the year i.e. in the summer and winter. The fertilizer must contain micro-nutrients. You must supply all purpose liquid fertilizer. Also you must give water to the soil before fertilizing the palm plant.

This plant does not need any maintenance. They require very little amount of trimming to the leaves. The little trimming will enliven the Chinese Fan palm tree. This palm is attacked by spider mites. But this can be cured by the spray of pesticide. Also horticulture oils and sprays can be sprinkle on the trees. This will kill the pests fully. These palm plants are resistant to the fungus. The fungus which has strong impact on the other palms after the cold damages have less impact on this palm tree. These palm trees can bear the temperature below then 15 degrees.

This palm tree is sold over the entire world. And this palm tree is imported from South China and South Japan in Florida and California. This palm tree grows well in indoors and can add to the beauty of patios and indoor pools. The Chinese Fan palm can gain more height as compare to indoors.

Source by Dave Roekle