Snow was all over the place few weeks ago, and now when I see up towards clean blue sky, I could not wait to celebrate and enjoy my outdoors. Spring is here and it is time to prepare my outdoor patio, look after my flowers and above all look for a good set of Patio furniture. When looking in my garage for outdoor chairs and table and deep seating I saw some have been replaced and others needed some repairs. I did not want to spend all my time fixing these chairs but would rather be enjoying my summers on my bayview patio teak relaxing chair. I call it bayview patio because my patio faces towards the Hudson bay. I spoke to my wife that this is the time make the decisions to choose the right wood furniture before you call family and friends and a long-awaited barbecue.

After some research I came to the decision that if you want to get outdoor furniture, you got to consider patio furniture made of Indonesian teak wood as there is no need to replace it within foreseeable future. I know what goes to your mind – it is too expensive for me. I did some research on that too which I will share with you later.

One of the obvious reasons I would choose the teak wood is due to its natural warm feeling and characteristics of the wood itself. Teak wood is resistive to insects and all weather conditions it is exposed to. Teak is a tropical wood that can withstand a wide variety of uses. Sun, rain, snow humidity has no effect on it. Teak is hard timber and rich in teak oil. This makes it stand against any weather conditions without being warped or cracked. Due to outstanding properties to stand water, teak has been used for boat and other marine related products for many centuries. Teak wood also helps the furniture maintain its appearance and functionality, regardless of temperature and humidity.

These days, there is a wide selection of teak chairs, outdoor tables available online for customers. So you basically can find any style of teak outdoor furniture depending upon your life style. From Classic to Contemporary and in between designs are just few clicks away. With durable Sunbrella Sunsetcushions in your choice of color you can give your backyard an inviting place to enjoy with family and friends.

Now back to the point how to get quality reasonably priced teak outdoor furniture. First try to buy out of season, during winter season patio furniture retailers would be more willing to offer better prices compared to that in summer months. Due to strong competition among online retailers they are willing to make better deals compared to your local furniture store. Last but not least, teak furniture would normally last 4 to 5 time longer than patio furniture made with any other material that includes metals, so over the long run it would be cheaper to buy teak furniture for your outdoors.

Source by I Gill