What woman doesn't love wearing a pair of jeans that fits just right? Chances are there's a pair of jeans in your closet that are part of a favorite go-to outfit for any occasion. But after having a baby, you might find it difficult to fit back into those jeans again. That's because your hips got larger when your body was preparing to give birth and even after childbirth, they're not quite back to the size they used to be.

Why Your Hips Get Bigger

Hormones are the culprit when it comes to the expansion of your hips during pregnancy. In fact, your entire pelvic girdle, including the sacrum, ilia, symphysis pubis and sacroiliac joints are all affected by physical changes during while you're expecting. Relaxin is the hormone responsible for loosening joints and connective tissue in preparation for giving birth. It instructs your pelvis to widen, too, to allow more room for your expanding uterus and the baby which will soon be passing through the birth canal. Of course, all of this affects the size of your hips.

A woman's body is made to give birth and part of the reason our figures are different from a man's physique is due to our hips, which are designed to expand. Unfortunately, even after childbirth, the hormones responsible for making your hips larger are still at work, keeping your hip joints flexible for weeks later.

How To Get Those Jeans To Fit Again

You could simply wait out the time it takes for your body and your hips to get back down to their normal size. But this could take months – or even years! What's a new mom to do who wants to look her best right after giving birth? The simple solution is to wear a body shaper.

Even if you lose most of your baby weight quickly after giving birth, chances are your hips will still be bigger than you're used to due to the reasons we just discussed. The only way to ensure you can get back into your jeans is to wear shapewear that slims and slenderizes your abdomen, hips and thighs.

Most post-pregnancy shapewear concentrates on slimming your belly because that's the area that is usually the most problematic. But if you really want to look your best and fit into all your pre-pregnancy clothes, you'll need a body shaper that covers your entire torso, including your upper thighs and hips.

For the best results, opt for a body shaper that does more than just compress the excess skin of your abdomen and legs. Some newer post-pregnancy shapers on the market today use special fabric that actually generates heat and works to reduce cellulite and excess fat while wearing them.

Opting for a post-pregnancy body shaper doesn't mean you've given up on getting back into shape; it's just a way to look more beautiful more quickly after giving birth. Wear a body shaper that slenderizes your tummy, hips and thighs and you won't' have any problem fitting back into your favorite jeans again.

Source by CM Morehouse