Standard mattress sizes range for the smallest, a twin, to the extra large California King. With many choices in between you will have no problem finding the perfect size – if you know what you are looking for before you hit the stores.

Not too Big, Not too Small, Just Right!

Goldilocks spent a lot of time looking for the perfect cushion for her bed and was rewarded with a great night's sleep. If you are willing to spend a few moments learning about cushions and how to shop for one you can also have a perfect night's sleep, every night.

The first thing to consider when shopping is the size. The smallest size available for adults is the twin. The twin measures approximately 39 x 75 inches and is often found in kid's rooms, dorm rooms, apartments, and used as daybeds or trundle beds. An extra long twin bed is also available for those who need 5 more inches in length.

The next standard size is the double. This bed measures 54 x 75 and is 15 inches wider than a twin bed. The double bed can sleep 2 adults but don't expect to move too much. When 2 average size adults sleep in a double bed there is almost no wiggle room. The advantage of the double bed is that it fits well in small rooms. The sheets for the double are cheaper than sheets for queen or king.

Queen sizes usually measure a very comfortable 60 x 80 inches. This bed size is both longer and wider than the double. It will comfortably sleep 2 adults. The queen is a good option for a quest room, a teen's room, or a smaller sized master bedroom.

The king measures 76 x 80 inches. It offers each person in the bed the same amount of room they would have on a twin. It is perfect for couples. At 76 inches this is the widest size on the market. Before purchasing this large size measure your room and your stairwell to ensure you can get it to your bedroom!

The last size you will need to be familiar with is the California king. This one measures 72 x 84 inches. If you purchase this cushion size you will gain 4 inches in length over the regular king but you will lose 4 inches in width. It is constructed for taller individuals and, with the extra long twin, is one of the longest sizes available. Many people have steered away from this size in the past because the right size sheets were hard to find. Not anymore. Fortunately, California king sheets are available anywhere sheets are sold.

Know Before You Go

Along with size there are several other things you must keep in mind when purchasing a new bed. You will want to test a variety of them and compare them for comfort. A comfortable bed will cuddle your body and be very comfortable and cozy. Comfort is important for a good night's sleep. It does not have to be as hard as a rock to give you great support. Plush beds are available with new materials that will cushion your body while offering support.

Support is also extremely important. Good sleep helps keep you healthy and a mattress that gives you the support you need will help you get the best sleep. When looking for a supportive bed you will want to find one that keeps your spinal column in the same position it would be in if you were standing. You also want the bed to relieve pressure at your body's pressure points which results in less tossing and turning or waking up at night.

The last thing to consider when purchasing your new mattress is durability. Consult with a knowledgeable salesman to find out how durable the mattress you are interested in is and the length of its warranty.

Considering the mattress size, room size, comfort, support, and durability will help you make the perfect choice when shopping for your new mattress.


Source by E. Llamas