Waterbed mattresses use a different technology than the other mattresses most of us are accustomed with. This mattress needs to have a frame on all sides to support its shapeless structure. Since it uses water, some people favor its comfort as water easily conforms to our body. Also, it allows users to heat up the water inside the mattress to provide comfort during those frigid winter days and nights.

However, most adults also do not like this mattress because of the too-plush comfort it provides. The softness of the mattress that frequently transfers motion does not provide a strong support system. Also, this is not the perfect mattress choice for a baby.

First of all, it does not provide strong support to the body of a baby. Studies say that softer mattress can actually contribute to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Up to this point, no one can still explain why it happens. However, most experts agree that a mattress with just the right amount of firmness and comfort can prevent this from happening.

Suffocation is also another issue with this mattress. Since it conforms easily to body contours, it can conform to the face of the baby when he or she will sleep on their stomach. It easily presses to body parts. If this blocks the nose or mouth of a baby, it can lead to suffocation.

It is better to choose a mattress with a good combination of firmness and plushness. It should not be too firm and it should not be too soft. Latex mattress is a good choice as it has been integrated with pincore holes. These pincore holes are scattered to the targeted areas of the body. Since the upper body needs more support, smaller pincore holes are usually integrated in the upper part of the mattress. The lower ones have bigger holes.

If you have already purchased this mattress, you can consider getting a latex mattress topper. Make sure you place the water crib mattress on a sturdy frame and then top it with a good mattress topper.

Purchase the most comfortable sleeping gears such as mattress cover, pillows and comforters. Remember that babies need sleep the most as this is the time their bodies and systemic functions are developing.

So consider your crib mattress choices carefully. Put the comfort and the safety of your baby first above everything else so they can have the best quality of sleep.

Source by Alan Cassidy