Advances in technology have led to the introduction of cutting edge capabilities in bedding. When it comes to high quality mattresses that can provide a good night's sleep, the use of visco elastic material has gained prominence. Visco elastic material is largely used in manufacturing mattresses, as it enables a mattress to offer maximum support to your body whist relaxing pressure points and allowing for the best spine alignment.

Tempur mattresses were the first to embrace visco elastic material in manufacturing mattresses. Being the market leader when it comes to visco elastic mattresses, its products are considered a benchmark by its competitors when they need to compare their products. Tempur Visco Elastic mattresses with their pressure relieving technology are well known for offering ultimate comfort and support to your body. If you are suffering from sleep disorders or back pain, these mattresses would offer an effective solution. Over 30,000 Medical Professionals all across the globe recommend the Tempur products to their patients who are suffering from back, joint or neck pain.  

Tempur visco elastic mattresses are high end products that are popular worldwide for offering a luxurious sleeping experience which no other mattress can provide. Although, initially, there were only a few variants/models available in Tempur Visco Elastic mattresses, currently you have plenty of choices.  Some of the most sought after models are as follows:

Tempur Combi Mattress: This mattress comes with a depth of 25 cm. It features an upper layer of high density, 3cm Tempur- New™ which is laminated to 7 cm visco elastic, temperature sensitive material that is laminated to the 2 x 7.5cm high resilient polyurethane foam. The unique airflow system between the Tempur layer and the foam base offers greater ventilation throughout the mattress besides making the whole thing more resilient. It can be placed on any bed base or well ventilated surface. It comes complete with handles and a removable velour cover.

Tempur Celebrity Mattress: Recently introduced, the Tempur Celebrity Mattress has a depth of 31 cm and comes with even better pressure relieving technology. Promising ultimate luxury, it is extra deep and comes with more TEMPUR material and the new Tempur-Tex Cover with inbuilt humidity control features.  

Tempur Deluxe Mattress: The most interesting feature of this mattress is its luxurious feel that comes with extra Tempur- New™ soft-touch quilted cover. Underneath the cover lies a 9cm layer of Tempur Material, on top of 11cm of conventional polyurethane foam. It too combines the pressure relieving qualities with ultra softness.

Tempur Sensations Mattress: As the name suggests, this mattress from the house of Tempur is designed to sense your body and give it support all night long. Offering the same feel as a traditional spring mattress, the mattress is made up of the unique Tempur material and a specially formed high resilient polyurethane material to ensure maximum comfort while you sleep on it.  

Tempur Visco Elastic mattresses are also available in all common sizes in the UK – 2'6″ Small Single, 3'0″ Single, 4'0″ Small Double, 4'6″ Double, 5'0″ King Size, 5'3″ Euro King size, and 6'0″ Super King size. This gives you enough choice whilst selecting a mattress for your bed. You may choose to buy them online, as there are many reputed online retail stores offering a wide range of Tempur Visco Elastic mattresses.


Source by Adrian Fytche