Ever heard of the phrase “one man's medicine will be another one's poison“?

Cows have no problem eating grasses; they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to keep the cow healthy. Imagine what would happen if you were to eat grass every single day. I believe you would now be squirming on the hospital bed, won't you?

In the same way, foods which we deem are extremely healthy to us might just be very poisonous to your dog. Do take heed of these 7 foods which I will be mentioning below.

Grapes – Surprise, surprise. Isn't this wonder fruit an extremely healthy item containing vitamins and the ever powerful reservotrol compound to keep us young and youthful? It is sad to say that this fruit contains a chemical compound that will be deadly to your dog. Unless you can bear to see your dog walloping in vomiting and abdominal pain, please do not ever give this fruit to your dog.

Caffeine, Caffeine, Caffeine – Which food substances contain caffeine? Does chocolate, coffee or even our beloved coke ring a bell to you? These substances contain a compound known as methylxanthines which has a adverse effect on the health of your dog. Symptoms would be the likes of dehydration, hypertension, seizures and diarrheas. If you can help it, avoid giving such treats to your dog. Perhaps once In a while is fine, but please do not let your dog get addicted to them.

Nuts – Macadamia nuts in particular. This family of nuts contains a powerful toxin which will cause gastrointestinal problems and vomiting in dogs. Walnuts would come a second close. Eating such nuts will also cause your dog to become listless and display behavioral problem such as lethargy and depression.

Avocado – Another surprising food that a dog should avoid. This food is known as one of the most wholesome food to human being, and yet it contains Persin which will induce diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. Consuming avocados will also fluid build up in the lungs of dogs, hence causing breathing difficulties. Please spare the dog and keep this wonder food to yourself.

Onions – Ok, I cannot really imagine why you would give your dog onions in the first place, but do take note that onions causes a partial shutdown within the red blood cells of the dog. This implies that blood will not flow properly through the dog and symptoms such as tiredness, exhaustion and loss of appetite will follow.

Bread – I am not exactly referring specifically on bread alone. Rather I am pointing out to the dough that makes the bread; it could be bread dough, yeast dough, muffin dough. The dough causes a bloating build up within the dog's stomach and it could cause serious vomiting and rupturing of your dog's intestine.

Tomatoes and Potatoes – These food items contain oxalates which causes digestive abnormalities and kidney breakdown. I am sure you have heard of gallstones problems right? Your dog does not need these foods so please avoid giving such meals to them.

An Occasional treat is fine but please practice stringent self control. I am sure you would want your dog to be a healthy lifelong partner in days to come, won't you?

Source by Daniel Michaels