The Hindu religion is perhaps the oldest religion in the world as it predates both Islam and Christianity by many centuries. Even Buddhism compared to Hinduism is a relatively recent phenomena- but it incorporates many principles from Hinduism. In fact Gautama Buddha is recognized as an avatar (God) in Hindu religion. This religion has age old practices. Some of them are being reinvented again in the twentieth and twenty first century.

One of the ancient beliefs is the role of women in Hinduism. Hindu religion is distinct as it has women goddesses,yet the overall position of a Hindu woman is a shade lower in strata than a western woman. This has its repercussions in the personal life of a Hindu woman. There is no doubt that at one plane she is worshiped as Kali, Durga, Saraswati and Sita.Yet at another plane in personal life she is expected to be subservient to the man.

This is thus an anomalous situation and the Hindu woman is generally shyer than a western woman. So what should a man do – in particular a western that desires and loves a Hindu woman? Kissing is one aspect that represents affection between a man and a woman.Vatysyana the author of the Kama Sutra lays great attention to the art of kissing. Yet Hindu woman will never kiss in public and any show of affection outside the four walls of the bedroom is considered taboo.

Thus a man wanting to show his affection to Hindu woman will have to play by the rules of the game. It is imperative that he builds up trust and confidence with the Hindu woman. It will not be a bad idea to be aware of the essence of Hindu religious thought and its scriptures.

Once a Hindu woman is aware that she is loved by a man even though he is a western man she will open out to him.In that case when you do meet her see to it that you are alone and no one else is present. While taking her earlier for a drive or a movie hold her hand gently and press it to convey your love for her.

When you are alone with her, look her in the eye and do not rush to do anything. Start by kissing her finger tips and then the inside of her palm. Continue soft kisses and then envelope her in your arms and take her to a sofa or divan. Continue soft kisses and then lightly move to her cheeks,chin and neck. Kiss her eyelids softly and whisper sweet words to her. Once the woman closes her eyes you can lightly brush her lips with your lips and then follow up with a chaste kiss lip to lip. It is more than likely that by now you will be able to get her to open her mouth and then you drink the nectar from her lips while you interlock your tongue with her.

Thus kissing a Hindu girl is an art by itself. It can be an elevating experience in case you have some belief in tantric thought or know something about it. This could be the start if an exciting foray into the world of bliss with your Hindu partner.

Source by Madan G Singh