Wolff tanning beds are some of the best in the world. The manufacturers the company uses specialize in the strict quality controls that has made them so famous, and you can get a Wolff tanning bed from just about anywhere. Available in commercial and residential models, they are moderately priced and the company stands behind their warranty.

Why the 16RS Tanning Bed is so Popular

The SunQuest 16RS tanning bed is one the most popular in Wolff's product line. This bed works off of a standard 120 volt household current, allowing you to plug it into the wall without having to worry about needing a special breaker, fuse, or outlet. It has an easy to use digital timer – for up to twenty minutes of tanning time – that will keep you from being in the bed for too long, and the product itself is lightweight and very easy to use. It is also delivered to you, the customer, 95% pre-assembled.

The tanning bed is made in the unique and increasingly popular Bio-tech tunnel design. It places the tanner in the centre of the wide, curved bed, allowing for a more even tan and eliminating hot and cool spots within the bed. It is made of extruded aluminium on a steel mainframe and has specially glossed aluminium reflectors for maximum bulb covers. The exterior is the DuraMax T 2000 with a protective canopy grid. An optional acrylic canopy is available if the customer prefers.

The Advanced Features of the 16RS

This tanning bed comes with a quick clip T acrylic removal system, making it easy to clean and replace burnt out bulbs. In addition to the digital timer, it also includes a redundant back up timer system in case anything happens to the main one. Each bed is equipped an internal cooling system to keep the bulbs from getting too hot and burning out. There is also an optional body cooling fan available for purchase with the SunQuest 16RD that will keep you cool as you soak up the ‘rays'. This particular bed tans with sixteen 100-watt Wolff lamps, eight on the canopy, and eight on the bench. You will need approximately eight foot by eight foot of space to place the tanning bed in any room in your home, preferably close to a plug.

SunQuest 16RS's Warranty

Wolff offers an eighteen month ‘Bronze Medal' warranty on each of the SunQuest 16RS tanning beds. This warranty includes but is not limited to: 18 months on parts; ninety days on acrylics, lamps, and starters; thirty days on labour; and lifetime warranty from structural defects. Always make sure that your tanning bed comes with this warranty. Or, if you should happen to buy it used, try and find out exactly how much of the warranty – if any – is left.

Currently, the Wolff SunQuest 16RS can be purchased from around $1,999.00. Always use your tanning bed responsibly, keep it clean, and wear protective eye gear. With proper care and maintenance, your Wolff SunQuest 16RS tanning bed will last you a very long time.

Source by Robert Newsome