Before you spend several thousand dollars on a new innerspring or pocket coil mattress, take the time to look at some reviews for the Simmons pillowtop mattress, and you may save as much as half of what you thought you would have to pay. And while a Simmons BeautyRest is not a hand-crafted mattress, more than 100 years of mattress making goes into every line of mattresses the company makes, and BeautyRest is one of the best mattress lines made today.

Simmons pillow top mattresses rank among the best mattresses of their type. They are often compared to such well known competitors as the Sealy Correct Comfort, and the Jamison Pocketed Coil Mattress. In fact, when the results of direct comparisons are reviewed, a Simmons Beautyrest pillow top rates a four out of five where the other two we mentioned are only rated at a three.

Does that mean a Simmons BeautyRest is the best mattress available? For many, there is no substitute for the luxury, support and comfort offered by a BeautyRest, but there are many different mattresses on the market, and each one is tailored to match a particular need. No matter how good a BeautyRest is, it can't possibly be every mattress to all people. But for one of the most affordable luxurious mattresses a person can get, be sure to at least take a look.

Be sure to read through a number of reviews, and even compare different types of mattresses. Innerspring is not the same as a pocket coil mattress, like a BeautyRest, but there are also some excellent air mattresses, and the technology for both memory foam and waterbed mattresses has doubled in recent years, making them competitive with traditional bedding in a number of areas.

The biggest complaint about a Simmons BeautyRest mattress is that it has a relatively short usability factor. Where other mattress of a similar type may last for 10 years or more before they show any signs of sagging, the BeautyRest has been reported to have significant sagging in less than 10 years, under some extreme use patterns. Remember, too, that the more a person weighs, the more the springs compress each time they are used, and the faster they will lose their ability to return to factory positions. Consider getting a mattress that is supportive enough for your personal frame and size.

Check out some reviews, and learn a bit more about the Simmons pillow top mattress, and you'll understand why it is as popular as it is, and get a lot more detail about how people just like you feel about the purchases they've made. This type of comparison is a wonderful tool, and makes it easy to identify both good and points for each company, and each line of bedding products they make.

Source by Robin Murphy