If you are looking for high quality bedding that will deliver high comfort and last for years and years, there is a good chance you have already considered Shifman mattresses for your home. There are many reasons this brand is at the top of the industry as the best mattress in its price category right now, but how does it compare to another top name brand that is just as popular today? A quick comparison between a Shifman mattress and the Sealy Posturepedic mattress is worth considering.

The higher end line from Shifman is the Shifman Master Collection. Mattresses featured in this line are hand tufted, hand sewn, and even the box springs are tied by hand to ensure they are strong enough to endure years of use. Besides using high quality materials that will not rip or tear apart and natural padding made from high quality cotton, they also offer additional layers of comfort. Polyester fibers and latex foam are used to comfort and support the body for a more restful sleep.

It is true that once you lay on a Shifman you will not be satisfied with lesser made beds, but there is something very competitive about the Sealy Posturepedic mattress as well. These sets are made with the health and support of your entire body in mind, especially the back.

Most people are aware of the points on their body that get uncomfortable on most mattresses, leading them to toss and turn throughout the night or wake up altogether. This uninterrupted sleep is relieved with the technology in a Posturepedic bed. Using unique designs that relieve the pressure on common problem areas-such as the back and legs-a more even, comfortable sleep is delivered which cuts down or eliminates the tossing and turning.

Shifman mattresses do not have designs specifically aimed at relieving pressure on any certain point of the body, but are designed instead for overall comfort. Most people will find the Shifman an extraordinarily comfortable bed, but for those with back problems the Orthopedic may be better for their health condition.

Shifman mattresses are designed with luxury in mind. Consumers who want extreme comfort along with highly functional beds that will not tear up quickly are drawn to the Masters Collection line because of the attention to fine details and overall comfort that goes into each mattress. Many people who do have health problems and need more support often find them just as comforting to their condition as the Posturepedic beds.

Source by Robin Murphy