Serta is one of the world's most reputable mattress company and Vera Wang is a well known fashion designer. Serta Vera Wang mattresses offer a high level of support and comfort and a high level of craftsmanship.

The Different Models

The Vera Wang bridal bed is romantic looking and feels soft and comfortable. This model appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice show and is one of the most popular mattresses, making it little wonder that most mattress reviews love it.

The Vera Wang sequin bed is sophisticated and elegant. It offers the same high quality workmanship and materials as the bridal bed. The braid bed, the floral bed and the sweetheart bed are other mattress designs, each with its own signature pattern.

Most of us choose beds by comfort level and price alone and you cannot see the patterns on the Vera Wang beds once you have put the bedding on top but it is nice to have the choice of various styles and sizes.

Vera Wang Specialty Collection

These mattresses score highly in Vera Wang mattress reviews because they are spring free and are made from pure latex and memory foam. A lot of people claim that these specialty mattresses are more comforting and supportive that the conventional spring or coil types.

The pure memory foam bed cradles you as you sleep, stops your partner from being disturbed if you move in your sleep and relaxes your pressure points, aligning your spine and making you feel cradled and relaxed.

Vera Wang Latex Mattresses

The pure Talalay latex bed offers even more pressure relief than memory foam and is about four times more breathable. Memory foam used to be the words on everyone's lips when discussing the most comfortable mattresses but latex is quickly becoming a forerunner, as more people discover its benefits.

Latex is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so is a good solution if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Memory foam is also good for this and it tends to only be conventional spring beds that attract dust mites.

According to Serta mattress reviews, all of the mattress models are incredibly well made and offer the perfect balance between comfort and support. These mattresses, whether you choose latex or memory foam, are an excellent investment and are guaranteed to last for years.

If your current mattress needs to be replaced, why not replace it with a top quality mattress which will give you many years of relaxing nights and supreme comfort?

Source by Jenny Watson