Have you wanted a futon mattress that looks stylish, but is also comfortable all at the same time? Your body deserves comfort and that is exactly what you will find in a Serta Futon Redbud Mattress.

I truly found that this mattress is just what I was looking for. You see, I have tried many futon mattresses, but none of them were comfortable. They would start out feeling somewhat comfortable on my metal futon frame, but in a short amount of time, after sitting or sleeping on them, the mattresses began to sink and become flat. I mean, they would sink so low that I would feel the metal beams beneath my body. As you can imagine, this made it very uncomfortable to sit or sleep on. It had gotten to be so bad that I could not use any of these mattresses anymore and I knew that I would need to get a new mattress, but I did not know which one.

As I was searching online, I found the mattress of my dreams- the Serta Futon Redbud Mattress. If you want comfort, support, beauty, and style, then this futon mattress by Serta is what you need. This mattress provides advanced comfort and continuous support and on top of that, it looks beautiful and is very stylish.

Serta is very well known for their high quality mattresses and has been around for more than 75 years. The company has been an industry leader and today it is one of the most trusted and recognized brand names in the world.

The Serta Futon Redbud Mattress is created utilizing the unique method called cottonique. Cottonique mixes particular classes of cotton and polyester fibers for a special, long-lasting upholstery blend that outlives and outperforms other types of futon mattresses that use traditional cotton batting method. Because of this, the Serta Redbud Mattress is more comfortable, resilient, firm, and still amazingly light due to the distinctive way it is made and the proportionate blending of materials.

Unlike many futon mattresses on the market today, the Serta Redbud has a spring center with 312 coils, has very soft support, is 9 inches thick, is made with a special blend of polyester and cotton, contains 1.2 pounds of support foam, 3 pounds of visco elastic memory foam, and comes with a 10 year warranty.

The Serta Futon Redbud Mattress comes in a variety of colors to choose from- Black, Denim, Hunter, Khaki, Navy, and Wine. I chose the wine color, because I thought that it would look the best with my décor. The mattress also comes in two sizes- full and queen. The full is: 9 “H x 54 W x 75″ D and the queen is: 9″ H x 60” W x 80″D.

My experience with this mattress has been a very positive one. If I could rate this mattress I would give it 5 stars. I have slept on this mattress almost every night for about one month and it has not lost its shape, it is very comfortable, and I do not feel the metal frame underneath by body.

When I sit or sleep on the Serta Futon Redbud Mattress I experience wonderful support and comfort. It is absolutely the best futon mattress that I have ever had.

I highly recommend the Serta Futon Redbud Mattress to anyone that wants to be comfortable and obtain a good night sleep without feeling the futon frame throughout the night. The price is reasonable, especially for the comfort that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. I love this mattress and I know that you will too.


Source by Philippa Lane