You will by now I am sure all be aware of the latest craze swooping the sleeping nation that is “The Memory Foam Mattress”. With its ability to conform to your body's shape and size to offer you maximum comfort while you sleep and its temperature sensitive technology to cool you down when your hot and keep you warm in the winter months it's definitely a star buy! “It's too expensive” I hear you say! Yes undoubtedly the memory foam mattress is not a the cheap option when it comes to purchasing a new mattress and reviews on the product differ from if its worth the money or not so I put it to you…If you could have all the same comfort & temperature sensitive technology and still have the density of foam between your sheets then read on as I am about to reveal to you how you can still get all of this at a fraction of the cost!

Memory foam mattress toppers! Yes you heard me, a topper! These ultra comfortable and financially viable pieces of sleeping genius really are the next best thing. Whilst still offering all the above qualities of the memory foam mattress, these toppers are priced at a mere fraction of the cost. They come in different thicknesses ranging from 1 inch up to 4 inches and they literally form a layer of memory foam in between your sheets. By placing one of these toppers on your current mattress, adding your sheet on top as normal you will reap all the same benefits and in my experience not tell the difference. So what kind of bed will these topper pads work on? Well, you will be able to purchase a memory foam topper pad for near enough any size bed you own.

As long as your mattress is not damaged, so old that it as a hammock like effect with dips in it, that the springs are not actually piercing through the mattress or that it's not so soft that you have zero support. If your mattress is well over due replacing then a mattress topper will not have the desired effect and it really is time to invest in a new mattress. This however does not mean you have to shell out hundreds of dollars on a memory foam mattress. Buy a standard average mattress and top it with a memory foam topper pad! Simple! All other problems such as an over firm mattress that has minimal if not no comfort or a soft mattress with no support then forget buying a new mattress and start shopping around for a mattress topper!

They will add support, comfort and reduce pressure points, aches and pains. As you do when you are parting ways with your money on any product be sure to shop around and speak to the experts. Normally if the price seems too good to be true it probably is! Some manufacturers are trying to cut the cost on this expensive foam by using “fillers” to bulk the density up! This is not good, it will cause your foam to collapse and leave you wound up back at square one. plus your not getting what you paid for. There are plenty of reviews on these mattresses and mattress topper pads from real people who have purchased them all over the net, some good some bad but like I said it does depend on the manufacturer. Companies such as “Tempur” who specialise in this field will guarantee the quality of their mattress toppers.

BUT… There are other non name brands selling these products keeping to the same quality and standards that you the customer deserve. So… Shop around, read reviews and really do your research, they are worth the money so by paying that little bit extra or going to a “brand name” manufacturer you can rest assure your not being conned out of your hard earned cash. Plus a lot of these mattress providers will offer some sort of guarantee or warranty! Seeing as you can not test them out until you get them home having that piece of mind that if it is not for you, you can send it straight back is an added bonus! I mean you would not buy a brand new fridge freezer if it didn't come with a guarantee would you? So there it is. Topper pads, who would have thought that something so simple and cost effective could really change the way you sleep for many years to come!

Source by Joanne Murton