Memory foam which is also known as visco-elastic was originally developed for NASA space projects. These were developed by scientists to provide astronauts with comfortable positions when taking off and landing. Since the bodies of astronauts are subjected to tremendous pressures during take off and landing, scientists were asked to invent a kind of material that could absorb the pressures. The foam that was invented was so successful that it didn't take a long time to be recognized by medical professionals.

Today, memory foam mattresses are used world wide in hospitals to provide patients with a comfortable sleeping position. It has also been found that this foam is effective in relieving pressure points which are caused by the human body weight when it is in relaxed state. Moreover, it is also used widely because of its ability to prevent pressure sores. Pressure sores usually develops when the human body lies in one position for several hours such as during an operation. Memory foam has unique elastic properties which senses the body's weight and temperature and responds to it by moulding in the shape of the body providing a very comfortable position for the patient.

Let us now look at what pressure points are and how they can be minimized with memory foam mattresses.

Pressure points are all over the body and they consist of a cluster of nerves. They are sensitive spots on a muscle, blood vessel or a tendon. When struck or when pressed against an object, some pressure points may produce pain and this is what happens when sleeping on low quality mattresses. Basically, when any kind of pressure is put on these points, they can cause pain and discomfort for the individual. There are many other causes of muscle pains and these can also include nutritional deficiencies, allergens, chronic infections and psychological stress. It can also be caused by sustaining muscle trauma in an accident.

No matter what the cause is, it can be beyond annoyance for an individual and also cause new problems for the physicians. However, one of the best ways that has been identified which can help alleviate pain of pressure points is sleeping on memory foam mattresses. Every human being spends at least one third of his day in bed and it can impact pressure points greatly. Combining health problems with sleeping on a poor quality bed can have negative effect on the pressure points. Moreover, when ordinary mattresses age, they develop permanent weak areas which can make these pressure points even worse. If you are suffering from constant aches and pains in your body, it is because you need support across your body and the best way is by sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

These mattresses are specially made to avoid pressure points and support your body so you are able to sleep well at night. These are made from high density foam and provide proper alignment for all the body parts. It absorbs the sleeper's body temperature and provides the perfect sleeping position. It reduces or in fact avoids pressure being applied on the points which provide relief from pains and aches.


Source by Dal Singh