There are plenty of places that have mattresses for sale. There are factory outlets that have mattresses, department stores that have mattresses, mattress stores that have mattresses and a host of discount stores that have mattresses.

Factory Outlets

Factory outlets that specialize in mattresses usually are owned by the manufacturer of the mattresses. Mattresses through a factory outlet can be termed as seconds or they may be in perfect order. Seconds is a term to use to describe a product as less than perfect. The imperfection may not be immediately obvious and may only be discovered upon a closer investigation. The imperfection may simply be that the stitching is a bit off, or the color is not exact, the label may have been sewn on upside down or some other small infraction, but they cannot be sold as perfect so they are sold at a discounted price as seconds. This is a good deal for the consumer that does not mind a flaw or two in a product to save some money, and it is a good deal for the manufacturer that does not have to discard the product. Factory outlets also have mattresses that are in perfect condition, these may be cheaper than the other stores simply because there is no middle man involved to mark the prices up, they also may be cheaper because they may be older models of mattresses either way it is usually a good deal.

Department Stores/Furniture Stores

Mattresses at department stores or furniture stores are one of the most expensive venues to purchase mattresses. It used to be that was the only game in town, if you were looking for mattresses than you would have to purchase them from either a furniture or department store, the prices were always high. The department and furniture stores must have picked up bad habits because mattresses for sale at the department and furniture stores are still pretty high.

Mattress Stores

Mattresses by a specialty mattress store come in two categories. The specialty mattress store that sells only one product and the specialty mattress store that sells many different types of manufacturer brand mattress. In either case the store is devoted solely to mattresses. Specialty mattresses are typically more expensive than traditional mattresses. A store that sells one specific type of mattress will be a bit more costly than a mattress store that has many brands of mattresses.

There are plenty of stores that have mattresses for sale; the price will vary greatly from store to store sometimes for the same exact product. A good rule of thumb when searching for mattresses is to gather information from various vendors before purchasing mattresses to insure that you are getting the absolute best deal on the mattresses.

Source by Christopher Wrighton