Which mattress is better, Serta, Tempurpedic or Selther? That depends on your comfort preferences. When it comes to the right mattress, you have to rely on what is comfortable to you and not what other people say are comfortable mattresses. Just use them as your guide in choosing a good one.

Of all the mattresses today, Serta is one of the most popular and highly commended. I fact, some of their mattresses have received commendations and awards from Consumers Digest. They have a full array of mattress choices. You can choose from soft spring mattresses or firm memory foam mattresses.

When it comes to comfort, we can say that they have a shot in this, otherwise, they will not grow to the company they are now. People rely on this brand for comfort and a better kind of sleep. You just need to test the mattress first and see for yourself which fits well to your body contours. As for durability, they also have their fair share of complaints. There are some people that experienced mattress sagging but since they offer a reasonable warranty, this should not be a problem.

Tempurpedic mainly offers memory foam mattresses. Their mattresses are purported to be the best of its kind due to the quality of its construction. The caveat in this is that memory foams do not necessarily mean comfortable. Sure they are supposed to get rid of body aches and pains but until you find the right density, you cannot experience those benefits. However, if you want to rely on a firm mattress with more than 5 pounds of density, this is a good choice. Also, their mattresses can withstand wears and tears.

Selther is the leading mattress brand in Mexico. This company was founded in 1970 in Mexico City. In recent years, they have been exporting their mattresses all over US and some parts of Central America.

Although they are experiencing economic roadblocks these past few months, the comfort of their mattresses cannot be undermined. They provide the comfort and bodily support that consumers need. However, they might not be a good brand right now when it comes to customer service due to these economic problems.

Do yourself a favour and ponder on the things you need in a mattress first. Disregard brand issues first and find out what you really want to see and feel in a mattress. This way, you can better choose the one that will suit best for you.

Source by Zach Smith