Manuka honey is an absolutely effective cure to treat several problems of the body and the skin. In fact, many ancient philosophers have described the nectar as a “Medicine of Gods”. It is stated to the original natural substance to treat several issues with the body and skin. Composed from monoglyoxal and hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions, the nectar can be found from bees. Bees usually collect the powerful nectar from the flowers of the manuka bush. This nectar is a form of monofloral honey.

With the awareness of usage of natural substances for treating problems in facial and body health, the manuka honey has again found a significant position in the medicinal map. It can be used to treat sour throat, cold, burns and even acne and blemishes. Its strength can be determined with its intensity of monogloxal content. This is usually illustrated with a scale.

Previously the nectar was lost with the discovery of the wonder drugs like penicillin, amoxicillin and methicillin. This evolution got the entire world by storm and was regarded as a unique formulation. Gradually, the powerful natural ingredient lost its radiance. This saw it slowing out of the line. But yet again the super medicine has found a place amongst all important medicines an. What's more, it's completely safe and natural.

Use of Manuka Honey

It is effectively sued in various aspects of the lifestyle. It is the suitable ingredient to treat skin and even disorders of the body. This makes the compound extremely powerful and a wonderful composition to cure almost some of the major ordeals in skin and body.

Use in Skin

The nectar is used effectively to treat some problems of the facials and external surface skin. Check out what they are?

• Blemishes of the skin

• Acne and pimples

• Tightens the surface and produces collagen

• Reduces signs of ageing like wrinkles and folds

• Prevents the emergence of free radicals

• Nourishes the skin

• Produces a natural glow

• Induces skin repair

Use in Body

The nectar is also used to treat many problems of the body

• Treats infections and also MRSA (superbugs)

• Cures ulcers of the skin and stomach

• Prevents and cures sour throat and colds

• Treats minor burns and also pressure sores

UMF and MGO rating

These factors determine the strength of the nectar. This can be effectively depicted on a scale of 0 to 30. For a scale of 0 it means the least powerful and for 30 means the maximum potential in curing ailments of skin and body. Any UMF rating below 10 is regarded as the most unaffected and is not recommended for therapeutic usage. Hence the higher the rating, the more is the strength of the nectar.

The UMF factor or the non-hydrogen peroxide content in the composition is what provides the potential to attack such problems and cure them and prevent their return. Ratings between 10-15 is said to be the best to treat such ordeals. A UMF value of 16 and above is the strongest to cure such problems.

MGO rating is known to be the factor which also plays a major role in treating the problems of skin. In fact, German researcher Professor Thomas Henle remarked that the effectiveness of the compound is solely due to the efficiency of the MGO content.

The skin and body is often prone to immense attacks of infection and even diseases hence it is not suitable to indulge into synthetic products for cure and recovery from ailments. Use manuka honey, the wonder medicine that contributes immensely in several skin and body disorders.

Source by Michael McIntosh