If you want a latex mattress but thought you couldn't afford one then you haven't looked at the King Koil Natural Elegance Collection. This latex mattress from King Koil is manufactured to the highest standards and is as good as other more expensive brands.

Latex is once again a popular choice. It's been around a long time but went out of favor with the introduction, in the 60s, of urethane – a cheaper but inferior plastic foam.

Many folks like the supportive qualities of memory foam – thanks to its ability to conform to the exact shape of the sleeper. However, there are drawbacks with memory foam mattresses; they're expensive; can sometimes have a ‘chemically smell'; can sleep hot; and can feel hard in colder bedrooms.

Latex has none of these drawbacks but it still isn't a cheap option and many potential buyers just don't think they could afford one. This is a shame as there are many excellent, cheaper brands on offer; the King Koil Natural mattress being a case in point. It's a fraction of the cost of the Sealy latex mattress – the SpringFree.

When looking to buy a latex mattress you need to be aware that there are 3 types available; natural, synthetic and a mixture of both. There are also two ways to make latex. The first method is the oldest. The latex is whipped with air to form a foam, which is heated to produce foam rubber. The Talalay method also whips latex with air, however, the mixture is then placed in a mold and subjected to a vacuum process that removes air pockets and distributes the liquid rubber evenly through the mold. Finally, CO2 is run through the mixture to lock in the consistency. Without doubt, Talalay is the finest latex available.

The King Koil Natural latex mattress is made from Talalay latex – made in the United States – and is a mixture of both natural and synthetic; combination that is known for its comfort and longevity. The collection has been endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association – King Koil mattresses have received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval every year since 1988.

The mattress has a 7″ Zoned Dunlop Latex Core and the quilting features an antimicrobial Safeguard Fiber. It also has a 20 year non prorated warranty – the Sealy latex mattress has a 10 non prorated and 10 prorated warranty.

Most mattress reviews give the King Koil Natural latex mattress and excellent rating. Perhaps there are better brands available but you won't find one in the same price bracket. It really is a good option for those who can't afford or justify spending more on a Sealy latex mattress.

Source by Robin Murphy