Is there a way to increase bra size without increasing dress size? I want bigger boobs, but I don't want a bigger butt. Can I make my breasts grow without getting fat? Do I have to get breast implants to get a bigger bust? Having children ruined my boobs, how do I make them bigger like they used to be? The older I get, the lower my breasts sag, is there anything I can do?

No matter how you phrase it, women everywhere are wishing they could increase bra size without surgery, and without gaining a whole lot of weight all over. Sure, eating fatty foods and drinking soda will increase your bra size. It will also increase your everything else size, too. No one wants that, but women are at a loss, because how do you gain fatty tissue (that's what boobs are made of) in only one place???

Despite your boobs being made of fatty tissue, they sit on a bed of muscle. The pectoral muscles, in your chest, can be built up to give the gals a lift. Besides, it's healthy to work out! During your normal workout routine (you do have one, right?), add in a few moves that let you feel the burn in those chest muscles.

You can also increase bra size herbally. As in supplements, capsules, creams…you can find them everywhere, in all kinds of forms. If you like to take vitamins and are comfortable swallowing pills, you can pick up bottled boobie boosters at a health food store or pharmacy. If you are more into lotions and creams, grab the same herbs in a gooier form. Then massage your way into a bigger cup size. As an added bonus, let your husband or boyfriend help out with this process. Tell them it's an important medical procedure.

There are a few foods that are believed to help stimulate breast growth. Since it's now everywhere anyway, pick up some soy products. Soy is popular among vegetarians as a meat substitute, and it's a healthy choice anyway. Papaya also has some fans in the boob category. It could be a sweet addition to your diet that isn't fatty, but may stimulate your hormones, causing bigger boobs over time. Some people believe that avocados can help, but be sure to eat these in moderation. Avocados are full of “good” fats, but even the good ones can stick to your hips and thighs if you eat too many.

So don't despair, there are plenty of ways to increase bra size without getting huge, and without draining your bank account for surgery!

Source by Hilary J. Dale