Yes, that's right, I said, HYPNOTIZE WOMEN INTO BED! Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well…

If you ever wanted to know how to employ NLP and conversational hypnosis with your everyday interactions with women, then you will definitely be interested in checking out what people are saying about Ross Jeffries' product, Speed Seduction.

What is Speed Seduction?

Well, it is a dating product designed for men who want to use the benefits of NLP and hypnosis when they are dealing with women.

This surely has got to be a scam…

I was initially very skeptical about this product too…

I mean seriously, some guy reckons he knows how you teach you to hypnotize women into bed literally?

This sounds almost too good to be true.

So I had to get a copy of the material and see what the hype is all about.

After reviewing the product, I'm happy to say that it's not as lame as I thought. Actually, it's not lame at all. I thought in order to use the methods taught by Ross Jeffries would involve something stupid and gimmicky where you need to hang an object in front of the woman and get her to look the object you are dangling back and forth. I'm glad to say, it was nothing like that.

Just a side note, the author Ross Jeffries was also featured in the famous seduction book authored by Neil Strauss, “The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists”. He was one of the seduction gurus mentioned and so is well known in the seduction field. Oh and by the way, this guy is really, not attractive. Imagine Ronald McDonald with black hair and no make up – then you'll know what Ross Jeffries looks like. But, having said that, this guy can pull women!So this stuff really does work!

For the folks who have ever studied NLP or heard of anything about it, well this Speed Seduction course is exactly like any other NLP or Hypnosis course. Except, the only difference is that the focus is exclusively targeted to learning how to attract women to you. You will learn how to talk to women in seductive ways that invoke emotional circuits inside her head to be triggered for her to feel an overwhelming sense of attraction to you. Now this is the stuff that I'm talking about!

The Speed Seduction cousre is fairly newbie friendly, except you still need to take a lot of time to learn the basics of NLP so you can use it in your everyday conversation – otherwise it's going to come off as being really awkward and weird. That's probably the only drawback I can find about this course, the strong focus on the language component.

If you are looking for a seduction course that differs from using canned pickup lines and want to know how to naturally engage in convesration that arouses the senses of women, then I strongly advise you to check out Speed Seduction. For more information about Speed Seduction (and a picture of Ross Jeffries) and other seduction and pickup resources and material, check out: Speed Seduction Review

Source by Maurice Jackson