Air mattresses are very convenient to use. They can be inflated and deflated anytime and anywhere. You can use these mattresses as a spare bed, camp bed or a primary bed.

But one of the main reasons why people tend to shy away from the benefits of air mattresses is because of poor air retention. People are afraid that the air might dissipate overnight and they will suddenly find themselves sleeping on the floor.

Air mattresses, as in the case of all other mattresses, need care and maintenance. The following are some easy ways to prolong the life of your air bed:

1. Get a good bed frame or box spring for your primary air bed.

If you are using this mattress as a primary bed, you should get a suitable bed frame for that. Using a box spring also does not hurt. This will provide extra support to the mattress. What is great about bed frames for air-type beds is that they prevent the bed from getting into contact with sharp objects on the floor. While most air-type of mattresses are puncture resistant, it is still better not to provoke it so it will last longer.

2. If you don't have a bed frame, try cleaning the area around the bed.

If you are a dorm or an apartment dweller and you have dispensed with the need for a bed frame or a box spring, you should learn how to clean your bedroom. Get rid of clutter. Pick up sharp objects that might come into direct contact with the mattress.

3. Use protective mattress covers

To make your mattress a lot more resistant to punctures, try using mattress covers. The covers will add more protection to your mattress. It will also keep your bed from accumulating dust particles. It will make clean-up a lot easier.

4. Do not inflate it to its maximum level

Since it still has to adjust to your weight, you should not inflate it to its maximum level if you want a firm sleep surface. This might damage the seams of the bed. If you want it to become a bit firmer, try placing a firm one-inch memory foam pad on top of it.

5. Repair damages right away

These beds usually come with a repair kit. You need the kit to repair damages pronto. Do not wait for the seams to completely unravel. If you see signs of deterioration, repair them immediately.

With the help of these tips, your air mattress should last longer than expected. Remember these tips when trying to maintain your mattress.

Source by Zach Smith