Buying things for the new baby is one of the most exciting things for new parents. Parents only want the best for their baby, and it includes buying her the best baby mattress in the market. Then again, because there are too many choices in the market, picking the best baby mattress becomes an overwhelming task.

However, given the right tips, you can buy the best baby mattress out there without sweating it. Here are five things you need to consider before you brave the market.

1. The mattress should be firm
Some new parents want their baby to be especially comfortable in her sleep and thus, they lean on buying softer mattresses. However, comfort is not the only factor to be considered but more importantly, the baby's safety. The best baby mattress is not soft but firm. When babies sleep on overly soft mattresses, they tend to “sink” in it and have difficulty resuming their normal positions.

Quick tip: A firm mattress means one with a solid surface. While soft mattresses are not advisable, it doesn't mean your infant mattress should be hard. Test the mattress by pushing it; the firmer mattress will give your hand a slight bounce. A soft mattress will “swallow” your hand while a hard mattress won't move at all.

2. The mattress should fit the crib
While most baby mattresses in the market come in standard size, you would be surprised to know that some of them just won't fit in the crib you bought the other day. To save time and money as well, measure your crib first. The best baby mattress should fit in the crib tightly; there should not be any visible gap in between the mattress and the frame. Of course, the mattress should not be bigger than the crib.

Quick tip: To know whether your baby mattress is in a tight fit, you should not be able to insert more than one of your fingers in the gap. If you can insert two fingers, it would do best to replace your baby mattress with a slightly larger one.

3. Foam or coil? You decide!
Aside from their market prices, there is not much difference between a foam mattress and a coil, or inner-spring, mattress. If you have the budget for it, you can go for a coil mattress. A good baby mattress will have many springs inside it, therefore making it firmer.

If you are tighter on the budget, go for foam. Most foam mattresses in the market have the same quality as their coil counterpart. While foam mattresses are generally lighter than coil mattresses, choose a foam mattress that is heavy enough. This assures you of denser foam material which equates to firmness.

4. It should be waterproof
Babies are known to salivate, pee and spill their food anywhere in your house. Because they spend much time inside their cribs, the baby mattress is one of the most vulnerable places for these attacks. A infant mattress which does not have a waterproof cover will absorb everything into it, making the mattress not only dirty but foul-smelling as well.

A waterproof mattress is easier to clean and dry. If the mattress is waterproof, all you have to do is wipe the covers and sanitize it. The best baby mattress should have a waterproof cover in order to save time and ensure your baby's protection against dirt and smell.

5. It should not exceed your budget
Let's face it. The infant mattress is not necessarily the most important thing on your o-buy list, right? Of course, we have already discussed how important choosing the best baby mattress is, but so is giving your baby food and clothes! You need not spend all of your salary on expensive baby mattress when you can find a quality mattress with a lower price.

You can but you need not stick to well-known labels. Remember the guidelines above. Make sure the baby mattress fits the crib like a tee and is neither soft nor hard but firm. To save money, you can buy a high-quality foam mattress rather than an innerspring or coil mattress and it should have a waterproof cover.

Don't hesitate to buy that one mattress which fits the checklist even if it's cheap or it doesn't have a familiar- sounding name. In the end, your baby will not recognize it from the more expensive ones. Your baby and your wallet will thank you for it.

Source by Alan Cassidy