For all those who have become victims of bed bugs before know how miserable it can be. Most of the times, the situation gets beyond your control and you become a victim of these awful little creatures without being at fault. That comes with all the surprises and shocks within the travel package, and it's best to face this situation bravely. Bed bugs are very common no matter where you travel. Even if you have always managed to escape them, there is always a first time. Here is an ultimate guide to how you can escape the misery of bed bug bites.

1. Don't Panic

If it's your first time of being infected with bed bugs and you freak out miserably, calm yourself down and understand that it is completely normal. The problem is that most of the travelers do not educate themselves about it and have to go through an extreme shock when these bugs bite them.

Any hotel you stay at would know exactly how to deal with this situation. Most of the times, they would shift you to another room and ensure it has been inspected well. If the bite gets worse, it's best to seek professional help instead of treating it yourself.

2. Read Reviews

When you book hotels, it is important to be very careful. Most of the times, the cheaper rates or fancy looking photos are the most compelling factor for people to book certain hotels. It is a mandatory practice to read the hotel reviews before you book the hotel. Most of the times, the reviews reveal very important secrets about the hotel's hygiene. Of course, no hotel would claim they have had countless incidents of the bed bugs.

If you read reviews after you have booked the hotel and find something suspicious, call up the hotel and address them your concerns. The chances are that they would be cautious.

3. Look Carefully

Once you get inside the hotel room, don't get too excited to lie down on those beds. It's best to inspect any chances of these bugs. You can do it with the help of a hair dryer. Look under the bed covers as well as the curtains. You may also check the washrooms. It is best not to place the luggage on top of your bed because the bed bugs stick quickly to it.

4. Once You Return

If you have managed to have a bug free vacation, you are a lucky fellow. However, it is not entirely over. A lot of people forget the last important step to stay away from the bugs. Once you arrive back to your sweet home, keep your luggage outdoor. Take it all out and wash all the items in hot water. It is important to wash even those that you haven't used on your trip.

Source by Robert G. Little