Initially carpets were used in southern central Asia and were a symbol of Muslim's tradition. As the time passed, they became famous throughout the world and great advancements were made in the carpets industry. It progressed from hand made to the machine made carpets.

The foremost carpets were hand made. They require much human energy and are of high quality. They are the oldest type but are still in demand, valued and appealed. They are well designed, chic, elegant and stylish. Hand made carpets are still a symbol of status and class.

With the passage of time, machines have been designed to make the carpets. The quality of the carpet determines its price tag. Usually the hand woven carpets are costly as they utilize much human energy and time. Handmade carpets are mostly made in Pakistan, turkey and Iran due to low labor cost.

There are different types of carpets. Almost all of them are made keeping in mind the nature of their usage. That requires whether they are going to be used formally or informally. Formal usage involves less usage of the carpet. The price of the carpet is determined through its quality, and the quality of the carpet is determined by the quality of yarn used in it. It also includes the design and make of the carpet.

The most popular carpets include woven, tufted, flat weave and needle felt.

Among the popular ones, woven ones are on top of the list. They are supple and have a smooth feel. They are much similar to the hand made ones, and are the most expensive type of carpets. They are made on the looms and consist of yarns that are of different colors. Colored yarns help in making the most deluxe and sumptuous designs that are pre-determined.

Then on the list is tufted carpet. They are made on tufts or tufted machines. A machine generally makes long and big carpets. Tufted carpets use only one colored yarn, and then it is dyed after-wards.

The most advanced type of carpets is needle felt, which are also on popular list. Being advanced means their making is technologically advanced by the usage of advanced machines. Yarn along with fiber is used in the making which makes them more durable and resilience to informal usage.

Last, but not the least, are Flat weave carpets. They are mostly famous in Japan, and least in North America. Flat weave carpets use threads of warp and weft that give them an obscure and beautiful look.

Source by Imran Al