The Gerber Octane Multi-Tool is an excellent performing multi tool that would be a great addition to any workman's belt. It features 9 tools that are packaged into a small, slim, lightweight, and ergonomic design to provide the highest level of comfort in a tool that can go anywhere and is used everyday. It's really an amazing feat that Gerber was able to fir 9 full functioning tools into the 4 inch Octane Multi-Tool. Upon inspecting the Multi-tool closely you will first notice that it is extremely thin. Gerber had a few goals when they developed the Gerber Octane Multi-Tool and covertness was one of them. You should also immediately notice that the utility knife blade is placed outside the main body of the tool. An outer pocket clip mimics the blade protrusion on the other side of the handle. All of these might seem odd at first but once the Gerber Octane is in your hand and you use it the awkwardness goes away and the benefits become more and more apparent. If you hold the Gerber Octane in your hand you can slide your fingers all the way across the tool so that they are touching the protruding blade. You will notice once using it that the curved ergonomic nature of the pliers allows for more leverage when trying to grip and apply torque using a lot of force.

The pliers feature a flat tip that has no spacing between it. it also features a small serrated grip area followed by a larger serrated gripping area. In the middle of the pliers you will find the standard wire cutter blades that also have no gap between them. The main knife blade is 2.5 inch extremely sharp fine edge knife blade. Moving to the bottom of the blade is a 3/4 inch serrated blade that allows you to take advantage of the serrations without giving up much fine edge. The 2.5 inch blade is long enough that it will do a nice job substituting a pocket knife if you don;t have one available. One the handle of the knife are the thumb holes which give you a nice secure method of deploying the tools if you are right handed. The liner locking device, which is s staple of Gerber products, protects from accidentally closing the tools on your fingers.

The bottom of the tool features 4 handy tools; a small Phillips head screwdriver, a small flat head screwdriver, a large flat head screwdriver, and a retail box opening tool which does an excellent job of getting the box open without causing damage the product inside the package. Most people don't realize it but there is also a bottle opener on the Gerber Octan Multi-Tool. Turn the tool over and you will see two small protruding areas on which one of them will have a bottle symbol. Slide the bottle symbol under the cap of your beverage and twist to to enjoy some of that cold nectar. The Octane does not come with a sheath, but rather a pocket clip that rides nicely and deeply into your pocket for maximum covertness. The Octane has all of these great features and it is back by an incredible Gerber warranty and is made in the USA. The Gerber Octane Multi-Tool comes in red and grey.


  • One-hand opening
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • New retail package opener component
  • Pocket clip for easy carry
  • Available in Grey or Red


  • Overall Length: 5.5″
  • Closed Length: 4″
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Opening Style: One-hand opening
  • Components: 9
  • Stainless Steel – Satin Finish


The Gerber Octane is an extremely lightweight and ergonomic tool. It is extremely slim and has enough function that it can act as a fully functional tool as well as a pocket knife. The ergonomic nature of the tool does take some getting used to but once you get over the fact that it “just feels different” you will realize what the designers were thinking when they designed the tool. You will also notice that it really provides more leverage when squeezing and applying torque that the standard straight handle tool. It really is a fully functioning tool that will not require you to adjust yourself more than is reasonable for a lot of capabilities. The safety features on the knife provide for one handed opening and protection for your hands and fingers. The designers at Gerber even added a few bells and whistles in the bottle opener and the pocket clip that helps to hide the tool. I think the Octane is a solid performer that has several functions in a slim design that really will change the way you look at such a small multi-tool. If that isn't enough or you are still concerned by the Gerber Octane quality, don't be…..it's made in the USA and the warranty is Gerber quality. Enjoy.


Source by R Highland