I love my air bed.

With chronic back problems resulting in little quality sleep, I was in a vicious cycle. I had to find a way out.

I finally invested in an air bed and it was a tremendous investment. But what are the considerations you should make before taking the plunge and buying an air bed? Let's take a look:

First, you must do research. This applies to any purchase but especially high ticket items such as this. Do thorough research. You must first investigate all the companies that make air beds and decipher which one is the most reputable. In this case, I would recognize Intex. They have dominated the market recently with home air beds as well as camping beds. They have the best product, the best reviews, and the best customer service. This company has also been around for almost 50 years.

Once you have decided on a brand, research again to ensure that you get the model you want. Intex has many different styles of beds so your choices are many. Find the exact model you want and make sure you have tested it extensively with human tests.

Thirdly, check the price tag. Is this bed in your budget? Perhaps you will have to accept a model with fewer bells and whistles. However, remember you get what you pay for. While more expensive models are not necessarily the best, that is usually an indicator that you should take into consideration.

Finally, find the best warranty you can get. These beds can be fragile, especially the cheaper models. Find a great warranty that covers punctures and tears for an extended period of time. Don't settle for something not good enough.

Air beds are a great invention. Mine is already granting me better sleep at night resulting in better productivity at work and happiness in my personal life. I highly suggest that if you suffer from sleep problems or physical problems such as arthritis, you invest in one of these beds today.

Source by Wes Hagan