How well you sleep will be greatly influenced by the mattress you have. Everybody spends about one third of their life laying on a mattress so purchasing the correct mattress is highly worthwhile.

Your mattress needs to give your body adequate support over night. Select a mattress which is firm enough to give you support but not so firm to be uncomfortable. If you primarily rest on your side you might require a somewhat softer mattress than if you lay on your front or back.

Eventually mattresses and bed bases wear out and will stop providing you adequate support causing insufficient rest. Therefore, it is advisable to get a new base and mattress at least every ten years.

Mattresses come in a number of separate sizes from super-king sizes to small-singles. In general pick the largest bed you possibly can. Many individuals discover that having more room to move around whilst sleeping leads them to get a better night's sleep.

There are several different types of mattress and the best variety for you is an issue of individual choice. It's therefore very important to test the different mattress types and see which you have a preference for.

Continuous coil mattresses are constructed from a single coiled wire. This makes them cheap, however they wear out quicker than other sorts of mattresses. On top of that, they also tend not to distribute weight very efficiently so chances are you'll discover that you are troubled by your partners movements whilst sleeping.

Open coil mattresses are constructed with single springs joined together by wire. They generally last for a longer time than continuous coil mattresses and provide you with more effective support.

Pocket sprung mattresses are manufactured by stitching springs into fabric pockets. They distribute weight effectively so deliver good support for your body. Additionally they reduce the probability that you will be bothered by your partner's movements whilst sleeping.

Memory foam mattresses have a top layer of temperature responsive memory foam that shapes to your body during the night. The mattress molds to your body shape as it gets warm. Although the molding gives very good support it may also make it harder to move about. Memory foam mattresses are likely to be dearer than coil or pocket sprung mattresses. Nevertheless, they're fantastic for alleviating pressure from hurting joints and provide very good weight spreading.

Picking the right kind of mattress will certainly be a highly personal selection that will be down to your personal requirements and financial situation. Mattresses can be expensive so be sure that you test the mattress out in the store before purchasing. Lay on the mattress in your normal sleeping position for a bit to see how it feels.

Using the information above should help you to make an informed choice when purchasing a mattress. Having the right mattress will help you to get many hours of restful sleep.

Source by Chris J Catchpole