The innerspring mattress has been the most popular kind of mattress for decades; this is due to the fact that people are widely familiar with them, they are available almost anywhere, and their firmness can differ from mattress to mattress. Most people purchase innerspring mattresses because that is what they are used to and they have the largest selection. The innerspring design was an improvement of the old stuffed mattresses that were filled with many kinds of padding and cushioning. They provided more stability and brought the occupant further off the ground than the padded predecessor. All of this shows that the innerspring is the most widely known and used kind of mattress; however it does have its flaws.

Although inner springs are the most commonly used they are not the most comfortable or the longest lasting. Typically owners of an innerspring will in time have to deal with lumps and dents caused by the springs, squeaks and clunks caused by movement in the bed, and the low durability that these mattresses are known for. In time the springs will lose their tension causing deformations in the surface of the mattress, however this takes time and lots of use for this to occur.

These problems have been attributed to causing cases of back pain and joint discomfort due to insufficient support or the body when lying on the mattress. The springs are good at cushioning the body but to not equally support the weight, this causes pressure points and lack of support. This in turn can cause pain in the joints and back over time. However there is a simple solution to this problem, if one finds themselves with pain in the mornings you can try moving spots on the bed or even rotating/ flipping the mattress as to lay on a different part of its surface.

Even though, most people are obsessed with the latest and greatest mattresses, innerspring mattresses are still a great choice when choosing the right mattress. One of the main reasons that innerspring mattresses have an advantage over other types of mattresses is because people have become accustomed to sleeping on them. Another key advantage of innerspring mattresses is that you can choose between an affordable mattress and when that is luxurious.

Don't rule out the spring mattress yet, even with these problems they still make great mattresses. The problems described come over time and usually at the end of the mattresses life span, meaning that you will get many years of comfortable quality sleep before any problems start to occur. Also the mattress will last even longer if it is not subject to jumping and unintended use. In all, the inner spring mattress is still the best bet when it comes to quality and comfort for a good price.

Source by Kim R Caldwell