When choosing humming bird feeders you will need to look at what will be the most attractive for the humming birds. They are very attracted to bright colors and red is the most popular and most attracting color of all. You should also remember that the actual nectar you wish to provide the humming bird should be free of any preservatives and be natural nectar as food coloring products are harmful to birds. Humming bird feeders should also be out of reach of predatory animals or the birds will not visit the feeders.

A wine bottle is a can be used when making a hummingbird feeder. Just remember that bees and other insects will eventually be attracted to the sugary water content so you will need to think about adding a guard to prevent any forms of insects accessing the nectar. It is important to know when to hang a hummingbird feeder as this will in the end result in you attracting hummingbirds to your garden. Since it takes about seven weeks to attract birds to your garden it is a good idea to hang these humming bird feeders just before the turn into spring.

Building bird houses in your garden is also a great way of attracting hummingbirds to your yard. As mentioned before, the brighter the colors the better. These birds love a bit of flash in their lifestyle. So you should consider hanging your hummingbird feeder near flowers that are pollinating as this will also provide growth in your garden and sustain them with natural nectar which they adore. You should also know when to remove your hummingbird feeder and according to research the best way is to monitor the birds. If you haven't seen them for a about seven or so weeks it will be best to remove them. They will come back again in following seasons so it will be something for you to look forward to.

If you are considering providing the hummingbirds in your area with shelter there are a couple of wooden bird house plans you should take a look at. Hummingbirds love houses made of wood and this is also the most popular preference for various other bird species. Painting untreated wood with non toxic paints will also prevent harm from coming to the birds in your garden and you will have the pleasure of watching them nest in the end result of your hard work.

Hummingbirds get territorial as they get older so you should consider hanging more than one feeder in your garden and also space them as far apart as possible. Providing fresh water will also attract these birds as they enjoy eating insects that hover around the water. This is a great source of protein for them. Some cats are very attracted to feeders so it is best to place them out of reach of cats to ensure the safety of the hummingbirds. Don't forget that adding shiny objects to your humming bird feeders will add to its attractiveness for the humming bird and will ensure that your garden is filled with the glorious beauty of these creatures.

Source by Gavin Cruise