A Chattam and Wells mattress occupies the high-end of the market, however with other fine brands to choose from, like Kingsdown, Stearns & Foster and Restonic, you may be wondering if this particular mattress is worth its expensive price tag. Here's a review of what you can expect and why I believe it's one of the best mattresses currently on the market.

The company has been making high quality mattresses for many years. Its designs, the materials used and the craftsmanship in manufacture have made sure that its products offer luxurious comfort with an air of romance.

You'll notice the attention to detail when you first set eyes on a Chattam & Wells mattress. The finish of each mattress is quality through and through. Each comes with metal corner guards and brass vents. Each collection is distinguished by its own stylized regal Crown pattern and the Belgian Damask used is one of the finest in the world. And, you want find any loose threads or sloppy stitching either.

However, it's what you don't see that's even more important. The heart of any innerspring mattress is its coils. Both the Crown and Triple Crown Collection have 12 3/4 gauge, double offset, double tempered steel springs. The better the innerspring mattress the more turns there are in the coils. Most quality manufacturers use coils with 4 to 5 turns; Chattam and Wells mattresses come with 6 turn coils. In addition, the Royal European Collection comes with dual encased inner springs.

The comfort layers are formed from cashmere and multiple layers of button-tufted cotton – what this means is that thick cotton is layered over the springs and is held in place by tying it off and holding it in place with buttons on either side

Finally, some mattresses feature the company's patented “Portrait Frame,” the absolute state of the art in mattress edge support – comprised of specially designed blocks of high density foam that are inserted in the outer coils. This system gives you more sleep area and a firm edge to sit on.

There's very little to find fault with these mattresses. If you're looking for a pure latex, memory foam or air mattress, then you'll have to look elsewhere. The price may also seem a little on the high-side to many, but I would argue that the mattresses are worth every penny; they're built using the best materials and have been made to last.

If you want the best mattress – and you want innerspring – then you should definitely consider a Chattam and Wells mattress. They deservedly belong in the same class as other manufacturers like Restonic and Kingsdown mattresses.

Source by Robin Cassidy