Most all couples do the man on bottom women on top 69 position. Some may never wish to try more wild and erotic positions, but they're missing out. The quickest way to get some variety is to simply have the woman on bottom and the man on top. This position is interesting for two reasons. First, the man can thrust into the woman's mouth for a more unusual sensation, and second, the man now has easier access to the clitoris. This position is easier for the women if the man thrusts into her mouth so she doesn't have to move much.

The 69 position that not many couples try is the sideways 69. This position can be a bit awkward if you haven't done it before, but some simple tips should make it much more enjoyable. Don't attempt to lay perfectly next to one another. What you want to do is take the woman's legs and pull them towards the male's face, and the female pull into the male's pelvis. By offsetting the position it is much more comfortable. The more strenuous 69 positions involve the women being lifted by the waist, while the man is sitting, kneeling or standing. The women can sit, kneel, or stand as well-if she can lift the man.

The sitting 69 simply involves the man bear hugging the woman's stomach right above her hips, and letting her head gently rest on the bed, while he uses her hands to hold her head up a bit, or just lets the man keep enough of her body weight off her neck to maintain a decent comfort level. Kneeling and holding the women in the 69 position is a bit more complicated, and requires some significant strength, but is a great way to work out your upper body. The women can also tone her arms by bracing herself with her arms to take some of the weight off of the man.

Source by Mary Perfela