LED Lights are being used in almost every corner of the home, office, shops etc as it offers a large number of benefits over traditional lighting. These lights are found to be the cleanest and eco-friendly way of radiance and have advantages like energy efficient, durable, low voltage power supply, etc. The radiance can be scattered to every nook of the room by using a ceiling LED. Yeelight LED Ceiling is the newly launched light which has a feature of adjusting the brightness and color temperature. The light comes with the Bluetooth remote controller by which these can be accessed from anywhere apart from the same room. The product can also be connected to smartphones through wifi and bluetooth which allows to switch on or off your light.

The Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling light can be installed in fewer minutes and will provide museum lighting effect because of the high CRI present in it. The light is made in such a way that it is protected from the dust and the aluminum plating maintains the highly efficient cooling. The light is expected to live for about 25000 hours and is also available in moonlight night light mode which will produce a coziness and warmness in the room. With the Dual-chip Three- way Dimming system present in the light, brightness can be adjusted from 0.1Lm to 2000Lm and color temperature can be changed from 2700K to 6500K. So in the extremely cold weather, these lights can work like heaters providing the heat regulations.

Yeelight has launched these in competition with other products by offering several benefits as compared to the other LED lights. If you want a new lighting which will admire everyone present in your room for a long time than go for Yeelight Ceiling LED as these lights will add charm into your room. The light is paired with Mi Band which has a tracking feature as when you fall asleep while watching TV or any other work, the light will be automatically turned off when the green light is given from Mi Band.

The lights are made simple, beautiful and intelligent with an illumination zone of 15 squares meters. The light is furnished with 240pcs OSRAM LEDs of a color rendering index that is up to 95Ra. The quick coupler mode present in the light will help you in pushing and sliding to lock lamp into the holder easily. Yeelight LED Ceiling has up to 28W powering rating and contains no harmful radiations that can affect the body.

With the advancements of smart gadgets, everyone's life has become very easy and one of the biggest example of this is LED Light. There are varieties of LED available with different features out of which this newly launched light i.e. Yeelight LED ceiling is ideal for the tight spaces and offers many features over the other LED lights.


Source by Swati D Banerjee