Introduction to Dar

The Dar lighting company is a major manufacturer of products for interior and exterior environments, for homes and commercial businesses. Based in Banbury, the company has been operating for 30 years, and has seen its business expand almost continuously. There is a very large display range of products on offer. For home owners and renovators looking for home interior, the company boasts a large range of fixtures for any home.


The Dar lighting company features a large range of different styles for bathrooms, from the simple and safe circular ceiling and wall light fixtures, to far more elaborate styles of their Crawford collection. These lights are specially made for bathroom environments, and while good lighting is important to such an environment, so is safety.


This type consists of large fixtures with a translucent shade over the light to give a diffuse glow to any room, minimising any glare from the light. They come in a variety of designs to suit many interiors, though ideally they work better in a kitchen or bathroom environment, where they give a good level of overall light.


This style by Dar lighting covers the range of hanging ceiling lights and chandeliers. It is ideal for most living areas of a home, from bedrooms, to dining rooms, lounges, hallways, and offices. The range offered covers the simple single designs, to highly elaborate disco balls and chandeliers in many different sizes and styles to suit any interior.


The range of spotlights offered by Dar covers a huge range of fixtures, both ceiling and wall lights that offers directioned lighting for the home. These fixtures are ideal for workplaces such as in the kitchen, offices and study areas.

Table and Floor

Table and floor lamps come in a great range of styles, from the simple, chrome, modern designs, to decorative pieces of Grecian and Roman style. This range encompasses all tall floor lamps to bedside table lamps, but are free to be placed anywhere within a room.

Wall Lights

These lights are mounted around the walls of a room, to either give a wide diffusive glow, or are pointed, aimed at illuminating an area, such as over bathroom sinks. The styles are generally modern, and unless the home interior is of a modern design as well, they are more suitable within the bathroom and kitchen areas.

David Hunt

A specialised company within Dar lighting, the David Hunt collection covers a range of designer styles, offering many varying types of fixtures for a modern, vintage, and especially for the art and design oriented home. Examples include the antler ceiling and wall fixtures, the Art Nouveau style Campden range, the light coloured Citrus range, the Classic range of brass fittings would be very suitable for a vintage home, and the outlandish Jigsaw and Joshua designs.

Source by Paul Makepeace