There are a wide variety of lampshade frames to suit any interior style. The frames are generally made of metal wire and come in many different shapes and sizes, forming the fundamental shape for the lampshade, which can be made from a variety of different fabrics. The finished effect creates a decorative and functional shape for floor, table or ceiling lamps.

Popular Frames

The most popular types of frames include drums, cylinders, coolie, square, rectangle, oval and triangular shapes. Drums and cylinders are round frames most often used to make standing or table lampshades, whereas half frames are used for wall fittings. Triangle frames are used for pendant or table lamp use only and frames with circular bases and tops can be used for a variety of fittings. It is important to establish how you wish to use your lampshade before you buy the frame.

There is a large range of wide rimmed lampshade frames, versatile in their use, to suit any taste. Traditional vintage inspired shapes and minimalist contemporary designs can be purchased in a wide range of sizes – high quality lampshades can add the extra character needed to really make your interior design pop.

The double and single scallop frames are particularly popular in the UK and have a timeless classical appeal. Bowed empire frames – which are circular at the bottom and top – create a slope in the fabric and are often used in retro 1970s standalone lamps.

Unusual Frames

More unusual designs include octagonal regular and candle frames, as well as inverted square corner frames. The sharp edges are reminiscent of art deco design and when complimented by a beautiful fabric, would add the perfect accent to any room. The bowed empire candle frame also has a spring clip on the fitting, idea for clipping onto the bulbs of chandeliers or wall light fittings.

Lampshade Frame Fitters

It is important to choose the right fitter to go with your lampshade frame and there is a range to choose from. Clip on fitters are typically for chandeliers and are built into the frame to clip over the bulb. Slip UNO fitters sit beneath the bulb and are secured by the bulb and are typical for down-bridge lamps.

Upcycling and Recovering Lampshade Frames

Upcycling and recovering lampshade frames is becoming increasingly popular and can be a fun and cheap way of adding a new lease of life to an old lampshade. There are many online tutorials to help you with the tricky stuff but it is important to consider the size and shape of the frame and how it matches the base before you embark on a redesign. Your shade should also cover the fitter and the shade height should be about ¾ the height of the base.

Source by Rob Truslove