Most people think of indoor lighting when they talk about sconce lighting but today, outdoor sconce lighting has become a very popular choice. What makes lighting of this type so unique is that it offers a completely different look than you would get from traditional outdoor lighting. As you will discover, exterior lighting in the form of sconces is ideal not just for homeowners but also business owners.

In keeping with the style, outdoor sconce lighting attaches to the wall. However, because this type of lighting is so versatile and available in thousands of designs and styles, a fixture could be attached in several areas. For instance, a sconce could be installed by a front door, back door, in between two garage doors, a basement entry door, walkway, etc.

Often, people will use outdoor sconce lighting more for aesthetics but because of options and varying degrees of illumination, this type of lighting is also a great choice for security. Installing one or even two sconces by an entry door would produce enough light to make the home or business owner feel safe by being able to see clearly. This added to the beautiful styles and you end up with a perfect outdoor solution.

To show you the kind of outdoor sconce lighting you will find, we wanted to provide details on a few of the more popular choices. If you have a contemporary style home, you can never go wrong with copper. However, taking the style to a new level, a 15-inch tall outdoor sconce lighting fixture that combines brass with slate is stunning. These two materials together with a geometric style light are not just contemporary in nature but also innovative.

If your home sits on or near a beach or the architectural features are clean, you may consider an outdoor sconce lighting fixture designed with gently curving opal glass coupled with heavy brass trim. With the minimal lines, the opal glass area provides significant illumination yet the brass trim gives the fixture a sense of elegance. Another possibility that has more of a Baroque or medieval look is made with a dark walnut finish and oversized decorative scrolls. Then with the champagne colored glass, the entire look is simply gorgeous.

If your home is traditional or transitional in style, then chances are good the architectural features are a perfect balance between old and new. To complement this look with outdoor sconce lighting, a forge Mission fixture would make a perfect choice. Measuring 12 inches tall, this mosaic light has flair of artistry that complements the amber glass insert and hand-wrought design. However, choosing an outdoor sconce lighting fixture made from rust-free aluminum, you would enjoy a durable and long-lasting choice.

You will also find amazing choices for outdoor sconce lighting if your home has a country or rustic appeal. For instance, you could take home characteristics literal by choosing a fixture made from powder-coated iron or cast aluminum that looks like a grove of pine trees. Encased inside the tree shapes would be the bulb, protected by a clear piece of glass. Now, if an outdoor sconce lighting solution such as this is too themed, you could still coordinate with a country or rustic home by choosing a boxed light fixture with frames of dark brass, almond mica panes, and a pine cone, pine tree, leaf, or tree branch design on the front.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of possibilities when it comes to outdoor sconce lighting fixtures. Because of so many options, some people feel a little overwhelmed when they first start shopping around. To avoid this and be able to focus on the exact lighting solution wanted, start with a plan so you know where you want the outdoor sconce lighting to go, the number of fixtures needed, and the overall look and feel you hope to achieve. With this as your guideline, the selection process would be enjoyable instead of daunting.

Source by Lydia Quinn