Light sconces are a class of illumination products that provide ambient, and at times, task lighting, to your living your spaces. When chosen with care, these products not only brighten up spaces, but also enhance their appeal and make them more interesting. Hubbardton Forge is a well-recognized lighting fixtures brand. They bring to consumers a wide array of sconces that fit it into any home décor scheme, be it traditional, transitional, or contemporary. Their lineup also boasts of some unique themes such as the Industrial and Arts and Crafts, whose resplendent designs make them a focal point in any location. Hubbardton Forge sconces can be used in almost every space in your home – kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, dining rooms etc. Here we take a look at some interesting sconce design made uniquely for your bedroom. Being the private and cozy spaces they are, bedrooms benefit from sconces that add a warm glow and provide quick access during the night.

Otto Sphere

The Otto Sphere sconce, as its name suggests, is a light fixture design that showcases a glass sphere, capped with brass on either end. It hangs suspended within a bow of black steel, whose finish and appearance are enhanced by stunning brass accents. The vertical light source is housed within an inner tube, which is available in a choice of frosted glass or with a stainless mesh sleeve for distinctly different looks. The outer globe is made from clear glass. This incandescent light is just perfect in transitional and contemporary bedrooms.


If you are a fan of the industrial style, or love loads of metal, pick the Henry sconce from Hubbardton Forge. The light fixture comes with a spun-metal shade and stark design that deliver a strong industrial vibe. A closer look at this hand crafted piece also reveals brass-rivets and intricate craftsmanship that goes beyond the norm. This swing arm sconce can be customized in varied finishes on the body and on the accents. These include Mahogany, Bronze, Natural Iron, Dark Smoke, Burnished Steel, Black, Vintage Platinum, and Soft Gold.

Leaf Silhouette

A single masterpiece is sometimes so powerful that it changes the look and feel of a space beyond recognition. The Leaf Silhouette is one such sconce that makes for an interesting focal point in your bedroom. This fixture is also a piece of art that is crafted beautifully by the Hubbardton Forge artisans in Vermont. The silhouette is cut into a steel plate, with light passing through glass to show the details of a branch beginning to bud. The lamp shades come in a choice of Mica Glass and Decaf Acrylic, which deliver distinct looks. Bring this transitional styled beauty and witness a breathtaking transformation as never before.

Arc Pin Up

The Arc Pin Up sconce is a simple and elegant addition to your bedroom. The body is made of a slender frame of curved metal, from which hangs a conical or Mobius shade. The body can be customized in Mahogany, Bronze, Natural Iron, Dark Smoke, Burnished Steel, Black, Vintage Platinum, and Soft Gold finishes, while the shade can be made from Natural Linen, Doeskin Suede, Terra Suede, Eclipse, Flax, Spun Frost, Spun Amber, and Natural Cork. Place this height adjustable, incandescent light fixture at your bedside to bring on a warm and pleasing glow.

New Town

The vintage oil lamp serves as the inspiration to the New Town sconce whose design in hand-worked iron exudes a sense of strength and permanence. The clear, seeded hurricane glass gives this vertical sconce a sense of old-world charm, while the incandescent light bulbs casts a warm glow. Pick this classic styled light sconce for a traditional interior or convert it into a focal point by contrasting it in a bedroom styled around the contemporary theme.

Hubbardton Forge brings you some of the most beautiful and breathtaking designs of light sconces. Place them on your bedroom wall or by the bedside and witness a mesmerizing transformation with the look and feel of the space.


Source by Grisel Herrick