Indiglo, from Indiglo Corporation, is a technology solely patented by Timex. This is a technology and a brand in unison and is generally used to generate a swift and lovely light in a Timex indiglo watch for night viewing purposes. So a Timex indiglo watch differs from regular Radium dial in that that it unlike the radium, it does not glow all the time and in order to view the watch at night time, you simply need to press a button.

The Indiglo Technology

The indiglo technology that is used in Timex indiglo watches work by converting electrical energy directly and totally into light. Here phosphor atoms are energized at high voltages to produce the light. The basic technology is simple enough. You just need two conductors with phosphor between them. Now apply a voltage of 100 to 200 volt AC (from the battery via a transformer) and the phosphor starts emitting photons (light particles). The Timex indiglo watches can be of total dial illuminating type or just hands or hands and numbers illuminating type.

Notable Models

The Timex indiglo dress watches are quite popular today. They come in a variety of models with a high range of price list. Some of the notable models are Timex Men's H2Y301 Indiglo Dress Watch, Timex Silver Indiglo Quick-Date Dress Watch ($39.99), Timex Indiglo Dress/Sports Watch ($38.65) etc. and most commonly the Timex Ironman watches which is the first ever model to use indiglo technology.

Various other models such as Timex Marathon, easy reader 28071, elevated classics 29771 and 26461 and a whole bunch of Timex Ironman watches also use this technology popularly.

Here are some detailed discussions of selected Timex indiglo watches models to complete the review:

Timex T20071: This is the easy reader brown leather women's watch that costs about $40 that has features like indiglo night light, quick-date feature, easy-to-read off-white analog dial, genuine leather strap, water resistance (30m) etc. and is run by quartz. The Timex T20071 has a warranty of 1 year and a beautiful classic look to make it even more attractive.

Timex T2M11: This model is almost the same as the previous model with the only exception that it is specially designed for men and for this reason, the belt is somewhat thicker. With all the other features remaining the same, it also has a black colored dial and a polished finish to it and costs about $50.

Timex T7B011: The Timex T7B011 watch is specially designed for kids (unisex) and costs about $20. The quartz model comes with a floral design on the purple elastic band, a dial diameter of 30m, water resistance of 99feet, different colored hour and minute hands and a white colored dial. The night-easy indiglo technology lights up the total surface uniformly. This model is also better strain and dirt resistance.

Source by Thomas T Zoellner