A lot of people have this misconception that food, music and drink normally establish the mood at outdoor gatherings. But for those who are knowledgeable in handling these kind of events, it is the outdoor string lighting that sets the phase where adults and children all get a thrill from the vibrant glow that the lights disperse. It principally sets the ambiance and motif of the event while spicing up the home.

Although available in a variety of sizes and colors, yet, the type of lighting that one chooses depend mainly on the design, place and budget of the host. It is also important to ensure that the string lights were specifically designed to be used outdoors. This would mean that they are durable and can withstand the hostile weather conditions like rain, snow, wind and sun. Find below four great outdoor string lighting options that you can choose from.

• Incandescent lights are reasonably priced traditional lights and are commonly used to beautify houses and trees through holidays. However, these lights have its downsides. If used for longer periods of time or if laid improperly, it tend to become hot, thus, posing as a fire hazard. Also, due to its short life span, the bulb needs frequent replacements.

• LED Lights are the most widely selected choice among homeowners for their outdoor lighting alternatives. Also preferred by business owners as commercial outdoor string lighting. Its most popular feature is the big electrical savings it offer as it consume about 75% less energy as opposed to incandescent lights. It also have longer life span and emit very little heat considerably reducing the risk of a fire.

• Solar-powered lights uses the sun as its energy source, thus, it uses the least amount of energy. The string lights are hooked up to a photovoltaic cell where sunlight is harnessed, converted to energy and stored in batteries to be used later in powering them up. Once it becomes dark, the lights are switched on automatically. In the same manner, it switches off once daylight dawns again.

• Marine Rope Lights – Commonly used in sail boats, they consist of transparent rubber tubing that encases continuous strings of lights. Due to the tubing, the lights are completely protected from the harsh elements, making them great for decorative outdoor string lighting.

If you wish to learn more and find the online sites that offer the best price and quality on outdoor lights that fit your needs, you can always make a quick search via the internet.

Source by Lulu Fernandez