A table lamp must serve two purposes for you: it has to look good and to match the room it is being placed in and it has to provide the illumination it is supposed to be providing. You see, if a lamp will only provide you lighting and it looks hideous, there will come a time that it will be junked. It is inevitable.

On the other hand, if it is a beautiful lampshade but does not give you the lighting that you need, again, it will be hidden at the garage together with that old and broken bike or in the attic beside the frumpy couch and retro rug. Do you get the picture? Simply said for a table lamp, the looks must go with the function. The two characteristics are matched.

Now, let us talk about looks.

There are about 8 lamp styles or designs that you can look into if you are deciding to buy one. But first, where do you need to put your lamp? That is the basic question. Second, what is the mood or the setting of the room that you need a lampshade for? Answer these questions and you will find the best suiting table lamp for you, in terms of style.

Contemporary Lamps are the IN design – squares, lines, practicality and modern feel. These are AT THE MOMENT type of lamps. There is nothing specific about it except that these are vibrant lamps but the designs are really extensive.

Sample: Floating Square Back for $79.99

Classic lampshades are the opposite of contemporary. It is usually built in traditional or oldie furniture, bejeweled accessories and pale colors all in a sophisticated setting.

Sample: Remington in Celadon Porcelain (Antique Brass) for $350

Transitional table lamp are those which can be used for the bedroom and living room as well. It is versatile and you can mix it with classic furniture or with contemporary styles.

Sample: Greek Key for $350

Crystal Lamps are chic and cute. The materials used are mostly translucent glass or real crystals like Swarovski. Some say the crystals matched with the light is mesmerizing.

Sample: Adesso Crystal Accent for $79.99

Rustic lamps are a combination of country feel and traditional roots. It is perfect to use for log cabins or homey cottages. It is great for outdoor accents too.

Sample: Wilderness for $140

Bronze table lamp is of course, made of bronze and it is a timeless design too.

Sample: Bronze Resin with Marble Front for $37.40

Art lampshades are sometimes those customized lamps which are very colorful and energetic. It also has prints at times.

Sample: Technocolors Contemporary Kiss for $89.99

Tiffany lamps are the most popular of all because of its Art Nouveau reputation. These are stained glass lampshades designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany which is common for bedroom use.

Sample: 10 inch Plain Squares Tiffany Lampshade (no price)

For Function

Do you need a table lamp with heavy lighting, medium lighting or soft lighting? It will depend upon your room – is it a study room (heavy)? Is it a bedroom (soft to heavy)? Is it a living room (medium)? Dining room (heavy)? Powder room (medium)? For a specific type of room, there is a required illumination degree.

So for example, if you need a lampshade to beautify your guest room, it will be preferable to purchase a Tiffany lamp which can switch lighting needs from soft light to heavy light. More or less, with the samples of table lamp, you will be able to ascertain your need.

Source by Kim Maureen Medel-Datumanong