A common vision complaint in America especially among drivers is the inability to see clearly at night. If you are driving at night you are particularly concerned about seeing objects clearly in low light settings.When it comes to naming a popular herb for night vision we immediately think of Bilberry Extract. However, did you know that there is another herb that serves that same purpose that is more powerful than Bilberry Extract? This herb is called Black Currant. Therefore, here are some reasons why this herb surpasses others due to its superior nutritional coverage:

Black Currant Increases the level of rhodopsin in the eyes. This is an important compound found in the Retina that plays two key roles in improving eye health. It actually increases the eye's ability to quickly adapt from dark light settings to bright light settings. According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, it is also responsible for helping us to see objects clearly in dark settings; a skill that is particularly useful for people who are driving at night.

Black Current consists of a main nutritional component that plays a significant role in improving night vision. It consists of anthocyanosides. These are compounds that are found in the pigmentation of plants that are responsible for giving fruits their purple color. Black Currant consists of an abundance of these anthocyanosides that are chiefly responsible for improving the clarity of our night vision.

In a double – blind, placebo controlled research Study, (The Gold Standard of Research Studies), participants took Black Current standardized to 50 Mg of anthocyanosides in addition to another group who took a placebo. This research study revealed a surprising finding related to the night vision benefits of Black Currant. The participants who took Black Currant were assessed on how their eyes reacted before entering a dark room where the bright lights were gradually raised. The group that took the Black Currant saw a significant improvement in their eyes ability to adjust to the different light settings. Furthermore, they reported significantly improved night vision. For example, their ability to see objects clearly in the room even in dark settings significantly improved as opposed to those in the Placebo group who did not.

Here are some additional benefits of Black Currant: As an herb to improve night vision, Black Currant has potent antioxidant properties. For example, according to Dr. Mercola, it consists of 300% of the daily recommended allowance for Vitamin C. This antioxidant is a powerful nutritional agent in fighting damaging free radicals that pose a threat to healthy cells in the body. For this reason it protects against toxic chemicals and pollutants that cause cancer, heart disease, and inflammation to name a few. Additional benefits of this herb to improve night vision range from improving Asthma, cold, flu and lung function to women's health issues, immunity, the prevention of cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's disease and the healing of insect bites to boot through its topical applications.

Black Currant is a powerful herb for improving night vision that surpasses even Bilberry extract in potency. This is because it contains more antioxidants, anthocyanosides and vision health nutrients than Bilberry. Its night vision properties are associated with its anthocyanoside and rhodopsin Content. These nutrients play an integral role in improving night vision. Additionally, they help our eyes to quickly adapt from dark light settings to bright light settings. Black Currant ultimately, with its superior nutritional content, is a helpful vital remedy for anyone concerned about solving night vision problems.

Source by Joel Travers King