With an intention of imbibing timeless designs and classic styles complemented by quality and excellence. Ted Stiffel, the founder of the Stiffel Company, redefined the concept of lighting and lamps used for home décor. Since its inception in 1932, the Company has adhered to its standards and stuck to its tradition of delivering quality products. The Company is thus, known and recognized as a leader in designing and manufacturing innovative lighting lamps. Each and every product manufactured by the Stiffel Company bears its unique signature reflecting exquisite finishing, meticulous detailing, and proper weighting. They are often compared with treasures for their exclusive designing patterns and longevity. Stiffel Lamps are made of various metals and adorned with innovative designs.

A huge collection of Stiffel lamps can be found online displaying each lamp individually with all the related details. A brief description about each product and its material including the price rates are displayed next to the image of the lamp. Mostly, these lamps offer rich metal finishes imparting an elegant shine to the lamp surface. The details also include the power of the bulb that would be ideal to light up the lamp. However, bulbs are not included with the products and have to be bought separately. Additional shipping charges may apply, depending on the store's terms and conditions.

These lamps come according to their various purposes, such as table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and shades. Tips and tricks of using the lamps and positioning of the lamps according to the lamp types and its purpose also accompany the product details in some of the websites. Buyers can also view the lamps in different positions by enlarging the image of the lamps or the overall appeal of the lamps when placed in the room. Each product is identified with a unique code number allotted to it that can be used while placing orders or enquiring about the products. Lamps have contributed to enhance the ambience of the room for ages. Room décor has found a new dimension with Stiffel lamps.


Source by Marcus Peterson