Have you been lately experiencing a lot of discomfort in your eyes? If the pain or discomfort can't be gently alleviated with soft running water or some time for relaxation, then it would probably be wise to visit your eye doctor soon. It's good to regularly visit the eye clinic to check your eyes. Additionally, it's best to immediately schedule an appointment especially when you're going through a high level of discomfort.

Here are some signs which tell you'll need to urgently visit an eye clinic:

You find it difficult to see at night

Did you know night blindness is actually, an early sign of cataract? With adequate lighting, you may not necessarily notice this condition creeping up on you. However, you'll see how uncomfortable it can get if you'll need to drive at night and you can see much of the road. If you particularly need someone to walk you to the bathroom at night while the lights are out, you might also be experiencing a level of night blindness.

You're experiencing double vision

If you're having this kind of experience, then you're at risk of a number of abnormalities which need some looking into. These conditions may include Monocular Double Vision, Astigmatism, or Amblyopia (or lazy eye). These all relate to having a damaged cornea. Seeing double is never a good situation hence if you're experiencing this, it would be best to see the doctor and visit an eye clinic right away.

You have an eye infection

Self-diagnosis for the eyes is never healthy, since you'll never know whether the medicines or treatments you'll choose can actually treat your condition. This is where seeing an eye doctor would be a much more viable solution. He or she has the expertise to see what's really going on with your eyes. The doctor also has the tools which can accurately diagnose your condition. Infections usually happen when harmful elements or microorganisms enter your eyes. Without knowing them fully and choosing the medicines to effectively get rid of them, your infection might likely get worse.

You've been having headaches

Headaches can be indicators of how your eyes are tired or that your vision's circumstances need to be adjusted. This experience might occur because you've staring at the computer screen for too long. In this case, your eyes need a break from the screen's glares. The headaches you're experiencing might also be caused by working under an overly bright light. Or perhaps you've been moving around under dim lighting. In either case, you'll need to adjust the space's lighting in a way that's comfy for your eyes to look around in.

You're seeing floaters

While occasional floaters or white pieces of dots are normal, seeing them all the time can be an extreme indication of blindness. If you're seeing flashing lights or shadows along with the floaters, this may be a clear indication of a retina-related condition. In this case, you'll need to immediately see an eye doctor.

These are just few of the indicators which point to seeing the doctor at an eye clinic, ASAP. Keep your eyes healthy by having them checked by a specialist today.

Source by Shine Manson