Driving with an illuminated flying goddess hood ornament can be a thrilling experience, especially if you choose the right gem to match your vehicle. If you are still driving around with a basic hood mascot, but like to showoff your ride, then consider swapping your standard hood mascot with a lighted flying goddess hood gem. Whatever name you call it; flying angel, flying lady or sexy lady with flying wing, light it up and see what the night has in store for you.

One of the first steps in obtaining street credentials is to install the latest street styling effect without creating a hole in your wallet. It is the next episode in street styling. A basic or standard hood ornament just doesn't get it done. If you are looking to rule the night or just cruising down the streets, the flying Lady or Goddess with lighted wing is for sale and ready to be installed on your ride. And you know what, it is inexpensive and affordable.

The illuminated flying diva hood adornment is not your average hood decoration; it features a chrome plated body with durable plastic in multiple colors that lights up with 1 step wire installation. The illuminated ornament with wings features a brilliant chrome body with choices of amber wings, blue wings, red wings, green wings and purple wings.

The flying Goddess or Flying Lady hood gem is made of all metal sturdy construction, die-cast and chrome plated for long lasting beauty. Each hood mascot is crafted in well-built casting with flawless detail and mounts easily with universal 2-stud installation. The wing is made of lightweight transparent acrylic that is receptive to light.

Installing the lighted flying goddess on your vehicle is not difficult; installation of the hood ornament is easy and simple. Drill 2 simple holes on the hood of your vehicle and then securing with 2 studs and bolt. To emit light to the wing requires 1 simple ground connection. If you are concerned about the light going off, the light bulb used is replaceable and can be obtained at most parts and accessories outlet.

Lighting up the night with illuminated flying goddess hood gems is one of several ways to show your swagger on the streets. It is not hard to flaunt your style. On your mark, get set, rev up your engine, pump up the volume and light up the night with your flying goddess hood ornament, and you are definitely on.

Source by Jojo Brando