It can be easy to fall into the habit of assuming that LED design and technology begins and end with nothing more than a shrunk and optimised light bulb. In reality however the world of LED technology and innovation is streaming forward at an incredible pace, bringing the marine world in particular the most enormous and diverse market of lighting solutions with both from and function in mind.

Consider the following and gain an insight into why a comprehensive LED marine lighting solution can offer far more than cheaper running-costs alone:

Standard Spotlighting

Indoor LED spotlighting for general room illumination uses less than a fifth of the energy of standards incandescent bulbs, while offering a fundamentally more natural and pleasant ambience. What's more, the use of discreet flush LED lighting can ensure the fittings need not impose on overall décor and can remain behind the scenes.

Led Screens and Panels

From the most incredibly crisp and frankly enormous video screens to much smaller, simpler display panels to showcase imagery or branding and all else besides, LED has replaced both LCD and Plasma as the new elite standard for both indoor and outdoor display panels. LEDs boast low power consumption, low heat emission and superb durability – all vital for efficient use in marine settings.


Conventional exterior floodlighting can be enormously draining on a vessel's batteries and create dangerous levels of heat. LED floodlighting on the other hand uses exponentially less power for a superior result, with the added safety of little to no comparative generation of heat – plus the added safety of 100% weather-proofing.

Linear LED

The Future of Lighting? Nothing less according to some – linear LED lighting represents a synthesis of design and technology to create some of the most stunning and efficient products on the market today. From accentuating architectural features to illuminating shelves and right through to general internal and external living space lighting, linear LEDs just scream innovation and the evolution of the industry.

Flexible LED Lighting Strips

The ultimate tool for creating irregular shapes, designs and patterns internally and externally, flexible LED lighting strips are literally limitless in potential. They can also be flush-mounted, housed behind a wall/feature or prominently front-mounted according to the desired aesthetic.

LED Signage

Without question the most effective way to communicate a message of importance for branding purpose or otherwise, LED signage modules deliver incredible performance while remaining superbly sleek and low-profile.

Source by Richard J Hartley