LED lighting technology has made huge advances in the last few years. With a new versatility in color temperature, LEDs aren't just saving on energy usage, they are providing a more welcoming environment and even making products look more appealing to shoppers.

Fluorescent s were a huge advance in lighting when they first came out, with brighter lights making products such as fruits and vegetables look brighter. Now they are starting to look rather crude and garish in comparison to the subtleties of LED lighting, and are gradually being ousted as forward thinking businesses are changing over. The thing about LEDs is that they can be digitally programmed to produce exactly the right color light required in each area.

Grocery stores are starting to treat their produce section more like a jewellery display. The LEDs enhance colors and make fruits and veggies shine like jewels. The reason for this is that new technology LED lighting can almost exactly replicate the natural color of sunlight shining on fruits on the tree. This gives it more emotional appeal to shoppers enhancing the freshness and glow of the produce.

The LEDs put out less lighting power than fluorescent but the light can be focused exactly where it is needed and in exactly the right color, allowing for more sophisticated lighting set ups that have previously been possible. The application goes far wider than supermarkets and produce sections. Any retail environment can benefit from a well thought out LED lighting design, as can any business that hinges on creating a harmonious mood with decor and lighting.

Whether you need a natural daylight balanced lighting for give the best display in an art gallery, or a golden evening sunlight atmosphere in a hotel room, LEDs can give you the perfect solution.

Of course perfect colour balance isn't the only advantage that LED's have over fluorescent s. Their energy-saving and cost-saving attributes are a major reason for businesses to change over. Although LED s are still more expensive to purchase initially that older lighting types, they pay for themselves within less than two years of installation in saved energy costs. Given that their life span is over 10 years and up to 20 years, and that all that time you will be benefiting from drastically reduced electricity bills, this is an investment that makes excellent business sense… even without taking into consideration the advantage of sexy lighting possibilities that sell your product more easily and make your customers feel more at home in your store.

While there are LEDs that will directly replace many older lighting types without having to redesign your lighting system from scratch, it is often worthwhile consulting a lighting designer to give you an idea of how to use LEDs to their best advantage, as they are so much more versatile than fluorescent s and you can do much more with them to enhance products and create mood lighting.

Source by Jo Connelly