Upgrading your current light fittings can really add something special to a living space, bringing tired and out of date décor into the 21st century. LED Pendant lighting features make beautiful additions to any room and this low effect option offers the high impact finish that creates a real wow factor. But how can you install a pendant light and brighten your interior? There's no need to call in an electrician or specialist fitter with our handy installation guide.

Installing a LED pendant light is simple to do with the right know-how but if you are unsure at any point when it comes to dealing with the electrics of your home, please consult a registered electrician to assist you in finishing the installation.

On average it takes an hour to instate a pendant light and new fittings costs as little as £25 meaning you can upgrade your home's look even on a budget. All you need is your new LED home lighting fitting, an electrical screwdriver, drill (and accompanying drill bits), pliers and a step ladder to complete the job.

Start by visiting your fuse box to isolate the power supply to your existing fitting. Once you are sure that no power is available in the circuit you are working on, remove the current lamp shape (if applicable) and unscrew the ceiling rose of the light you are looking to replace to reveal the wires. Next remove the light bulb or existing fitting by unscrewing the terminals that are holding it in place.

Always consult the wiring instructions of your new LED light, these will show you the specific instructions you need to fit your new pendant to the exposed wiring safely and efficiently. Ensure that you connect the earth wires first, these located underneath a green or yellow cover, and connect each remaining wire to its corresponding terminal, these should be colour coded and detailed in the manufacturer's instructions of your new fitting, and screw each firmly into place. Ensure every wire is untangled before affixing and isn't trapped under the screws.

You may need to fit a new back plate before this stage if the one included in your old fitting isn't suitable, this back plate should be affixed to the ceiling using wood screws to minimise damage to your décor. If the screw holes of your old fitting also don't correspond with your new back plate, holes must be drilled beforehand.

Finish your LED home lighting fitting by adding the shade provided and choose suitable LED light bulbs to add to the fixture. All that's left to do is test your new fitting, so switch on the power and enjoy brighter, more stylish décor!

Source by Lee McIver